Best Of 2008

Eureka Street will resume its regular schedule on 19 January. Until then, enjoy some of the best articles and illustrations from the past 12 months.



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National pride revives Russian soul

  • Ben Coleridge
  • 16 January 2009

When it comes to political debate, being a foreigner can be difficult. Former president Vladimir Putin's recent State of the Nation address, made on the eve of his departure from the presidency, called for national unity and 'stable development' to the exclusion of foreign influence. (March 2008)


On toffee and feminism

  • Ruby J. Murray
  • 14 January 2009

Paradoxes can be hard to digest, but it doesn't mean they're not good for you. During question time, the panellists try hard not to disagree with each other on the state of modern feminism. My g-string's giving me a wedgie, and I shift uncomfortably. (October 2008)


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