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Refugee Legislation proves Government's reform desire a sham Chris Johnston - Sacred Flame Chris Johnston - Australian Wound

Chris Johnston - Museum of the Unfulfilled Chris Johnston - Excellence Chris Johnston - Orwell 













 ANZAC tradition now beyond satire Economic boom's new generation poor

 Slow Progress with North Korea is better than no progress Google pays the price to capture online video zeitgeist Churches could hold key to salvation for the Left

The oxygen that breathes life into peacemaking A generation of online material girls Andrew Denton's very Christian Anti-Christian film

Biotech revolution promises to alter human nature A man of middle eastern appearance who dreams of peace. If you're happy and you know it clap your hands.

Indonesian democracy is maturing Migrants already know about loneliness Thorpie proves mortality is no vice

Protecting women from danger in Darfur Becoming native to this large place The selling of Islamic martyrdom and why some buy it

 There's no bacon in Adjumani Lavapiés – where old Europe meets new The baby Jesus and the business of welfare

Welcome home, Dick QueenThe fake morality of Al Gore's convenient lieSudan hiding depth of Darfur conflict

Lessons from case of Poland's collaborator archbishopA day to remember the HolocaustIncreased politicisation of the hijab

Palestinian family facing years of upside-down politicsThe pulsating cut and thrust of international ScrabblWater is our teacher in the school of life

'Hate the sin, love the sinner' more sentimental than moralidolising the childMugabe

Pacific SolutionBayrou's sixth republic


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The quick and the slow: a post-flood diversion

  • Susan Prior
  • 27 January 2011

After all the flooding we were doing a little maintenance, the sort that requires a trip to the soulless hardware chain store. I left hubbie to it and ducked into the second-hand book store next door. The elderly gentleman serving asked me, ‘Are you from a big city – like London?’ ‘Why do you ask?’ ‘Well,’ he said, ‘you talk very quickly.’


Christmas gallows

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Despair, Damnation, and Capital Punishment are my Christmas fare this year. During my research into literary executions, I was shocked to find so few cases where they were opposed on Christian grounds, and so many examples of Christian acceptance.


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