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On Catholicism, Alan Jones, Morag Fraser, the ABC, and Hans Küng

  • 18 April 2007
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Dear People,

I am a former subscriber of "Online Catholics"..... a convert to the Church during the glory days after Vatican 2. (I resigned my Anglican Priest's Orders after studying Hans Küng's "The Church." So I came into the Church, just as poor Hans was stripped of his Theology Teacher's Mandate...... courtesy of the present occupant of Peter's Throne.)

I was entranced by the new Dutch Catechism....that was withdrawn.....the Dutch Church ruined...and the story goes on.

The years have been bleak....but my local cCatholic community (at Drummoyne, NSW) is glorious. And I sustain myself on Prayer & Drink & lots of lively Anglican mates. (We live in Jenson's Sydney, by the way.) I think there is something in the water that has caused the lurch to crazy fundamentalism in both the Sydney Anglicans & Catholics.

Could you give me info. as to how I can subscribe to your online Magazine? It's politically a bit left, (Melbourne types) but I can manage that. As elderly persons, my wife & I still watch the Workers-Collective-ABC.....& thrive.... But, be warned, Morag, we love Jonesy!!!

Regards, Allan Gordon



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Allan has hit the nail on the head. What a great letter that reveals what Catholics who live in the real world today have been saying.

Margaret Bagby | 24 May 2007

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