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Jen Vuk

Barry Gittins and Jen Vuk | 

Jen VukEureka Street columnist Jen Vuk is a freelance writer and editor whose work has appeared in The Herald SunThe Sydney Morning HeraldThe AustralianThe Age and The Good Weekend.



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Dear Jen, enjoyed your article in this morning's SMH. It is spot on. If you are interested in my own battles with one particular Cambodian 'orphanage', go to: http://citipointechurch.blogspot.com.au/

James Ricketson 22 July 2013

Thanks for your kind comments, James. Your situation certainly does sound very familiar. From what I've read (and what i saw when I was briefly there) Cambodia is an emotional minefield when it comes to 'orphanages'. Good luck in your 'battle'. JV

Jen V 29 July 2013

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