The Gospel of St Tony


The Gospel of St Tony depicts the PM's response to the papal encyclical on climate change



Fiona Katauskas Fiona Katauskas' work has also appeared in ABC's The DrumNew Matilda, The Sydney Morning HeraldThe AgeThe AustralianThe Financial Review and Scribe's Best Australian political cartoon anthologies.

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Ms Katauskas, I doubt you give a damn what the pope says unless it happens to coincide with your own views. But you are hardly alone. How many people from the commentariat have called Abbott the 'mad monk' and otherwise derided his Catholicism? How many have mocked him for purportedly being in the pocket of the Church hierarchy? Now he dissents from the pope and he is disloyal, failing in giving due deference to the pope's authority. Talk about having it both ways.
David Panther | 23 June 2015

In recent years I've really come to question what a Jesuit education is. Abbott, Hockey, Shorten .... three strong arguments that there should be no government funding to private schools if that is what we get for our money.
Margaret | 23 June 2015

Faith is typically viewed as a kind of supreme virtue. This is particularly so when it is equated with loyalty to the traditions of one's community. But the value of faith lies not so much in WHAT is believed as in WHY it is believed. If assent is given for self- serving reasons, or simply because of early uncritical bonding, it loses most of its value. Unless it is a personal commitment to Universal Goodness it remains suspect.
Robert Liddy | 24 June 2015

David, the point is more about what Abbott says and does. He is the one trying to have it both ways. His Quixotic captain's call for a wind turbine commissioner is just the latest statement of his environmental principles. We all of course ignore the Pope when it suits our purposes.
Brett | 25 June 2015

Love your work! Witty and funny and very very clever. Holding up a mirror to all sides of politics and religion is fair and reasonable - even if the truth hurts. Wonderful. :)
Annabel | 29 July 2015


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