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ChatterSquare S01E09: Trump at the Vatican, unsafe journalists, and a Statement from the Heart



Should Pope Francis be meeting the likes of Donald Trump? Do politicians owe journalists anything? And what makes the Uluru Statement a potential game-changer? Join Jim and Fatima as they dive into these and other questions.

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Fatima MeashamFatima Measham is a Eureka Street consulting editor. She co-hosts the ChatterSquare podcast, tweets as @foomeister and blogs on Medium.

Jim McDermottJim McDermott is an American Jesuit and screenwriter.

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Existing comments

my 1st visit to your program and I found the conversation excellent and informative.Keep up your honesty as you see and hear it. Thank you
Bernadette Lynch | 01 June 2017

Likewise, my first visit to your program, but also my first 'podcast'. I found that you supported my understanding of the current affairs and gave a public voice for that which equated to my personal opinions. Thank you for being so reasonable
Bob | 01 June 2017

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