Salvador Dali's moustache


You become elephants with your telephone trunks
tying up my brain into grey thumping feet

I don't wear lipstick much
'Isabella, wear lipstick!'

I could recite you every lipstick shade ever made
But still I wear no lipstick

Almadovar has always been jealous of me
Ever since I got the sex number 69 for Spanish in my HSC.

Wednesday I don't know if I love or hate you because you
Always cut my week in half

Leading the way towards warm rooms

Organising me is killing me
Organising me is filling me up too much
Organising me is pure hard work
How I hate hard work

Straggly eyebrows
Unkempt eyebrows
Eyebrows that are shapeless
Get me down

The tram ride
The tram ride was as bumpy and temperamental as the people on it

Too baggy, feel sexless
Too tight feel too sexy
There is no happy medium with a t-shirt
There are two sides to every t-shirt

Crumbs tempt me
Breaking my conscience

Salvador Dali's moustache
I love the way you go from fat to thin
Straight to curly

Shadows make me see my darker side

1. The pot stark black, cobalt, curvaceous
The flowers white, delicate embroidered by
Surrounding greenery

2. A plant spilling over its black holder
Like champagne bubbling over a new years day

3. The half dressed bamboo
Stands away from its harsh, dry mouthed owner

4. The green spidery leaves crawl out of the pot towards other victims

Out to Mars
Chocolate is my weakness. Dad today proved it was his strength
as he knocked the Mars Bar out of my hand and threw it out the car window
maybe out to Mars.

Isabella FelsIsabella Fels is a Melbourne writer who has suffered from schizophrenia for over 10 years. She has an Arts degree majoring in Psychology and Spanish from Swinburne University. Her poetry and articles have being published in Positive Words, The Big Issue and Mental Illness Voice, among others.

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I suffer from Schizophrenia. I have a university degree. I have a website with proverbs. Please look at it.
Gunter Rafalak | 28 October 2008

Love your poetry Isabella - such diverse images and quirky angles - look forward to the next contribution!
rosalie | 29 October 2008

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