Vol 24 No 23

24 November 2014


The things you can't get for free

23 November 2014 | Michael Mullins

Free Lunch signThanks to Senators Jacquie Lambie and Ricky Muir, we can once again trust our financial advisers. There are some things that are worth paying for. If somebody else pays for something, it's likely that we will get what they want, not what we need.

Unauthorised maritime arrivals don't have names

23 November 2014 | Kerry Murphy

Asylum seeker silhouetteI recently received a letter for Ali in which he was referred to only by his boat number and the term 'illegal maritime arrival (IMA)'. He was worn down by the long process of winning his case and being accepted as a refugee. His self-esteem was destroyed by a long period in immigration detention. His identity is now also gone.