Vol 24 No 16

18 August 2014


Controlling information about child abuse

24 August 2014 | Michael Mullins

Child abuse is occurring within the Federal Government's immigration detention regime at the same time as the government sponsored Child Abuse Royal Commission is seeking to achieve justice for victims of past abuses in churches and institutions. After visiting Christmas Island, paediatrician Elizabeth Elliott said that 'when it comes to children in need, most Australians feel compassion' but compassion had 'gone missing'. What is behind our selective compassion?

Flag-waving foolishness that divides

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24 August 2014 | Tony Kevin

Team Australia parody graphicTeam Australia postulates that the world is a competitive environment of nations that win or lose. You have to choose your primary loyalty or affiliation: 'He who is not with us is against us'. The more one unpacks the term Team Australia, the nastier it gets. 

Let's talk about how we talk about China

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24 August 2014 | Evan Ellis

Palmer on Q and AChina's meteoric rise is still a relatively new phenomenon. The contours of public discourse on this topic are not yet well worn. Clive Palmer's comments weren't a gaffe so much as a stump speech.


A daughter's life rekindled

21 August 2014 | Catherine Marshall

Candle framed by handsMy daughter's depression is a dark and inhospitable valley in which she has lost her way, but it is also a mirror held up before me, forcing me to acknowledge the deep troughs into which I myself have fallen, and to recognise the needlessness of having clawed myself out of them alone. 


Order is not justice in Ferguson

21 August 2014 | Fatima Measham

Protestor in DC for FergusonThe lack of restraint on Wilson's part, the indignity that shrouded Brown's body long after his death, the disproportionate force deployed against protestors and journalists in the aftermath – this has become the canvas upon which the long grievance of racialised oppression has found vivid expression.


Abbott's Team Christian Australia

21 August 2014 | Irfan Yusuf

Australia is a Christian country. We wear Christian clothes. We eat Christian food, speak Christian languages. Pardon the scepticism but I don't believe all this 'Christian values' nonsense, and I won't be lectured to about my alleged failure to integrate. 

When legitimate criticism hurts

20 August 2014 | Andrew Hamilton

racism signs

Antisemitism and racism are rightly considered shameful. Those accused of these things usually deny the charges vehemently. Declaring critics of the actions or policies of, say, the Zimbabwe or the Israeli government, to be racist or antisemitic should be called for the bullying it is. Prejudice needs to be demonstrated, not asserted. 


Multimillionaire's self-indulgent science

20 August 2014 | Megan Graham

James Cameron in Deep Sea ChallengeIn Deepsea Challenge, James Cameron admits that, having desired it since he was a kid, his film Titanic was basically the excuse he needed to explore the depths of the ocean. The documentary feels like Cameron meets 'Make A Wish Foundation' with the audience acting as the benevolent donors.  


Inequality matters

19 August 2014 | Harry Maher

Thomas Piketty's book Capital in the 21st Century

Inequality is dangerous. And inequality is at a near all-time high. At its core, the Government’s recent budget not only engenders but actively exults in the creation and maintenance of inequality, a phenomenon rapidly expanding not just in Australia, but around the world.


Coaching Team Australia

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19 August 2014 | Fiona Katauskas

Fiona Katauskas' cartoon Coaching Team Australia Tony Abbott as the team coach pursuing a threefold strategy

View this week's offering from Eureka Street's award winning political cartoonist.


Our Lady of the Trap Door Spider

18 August 2014 | Paul Scully

Trap Door SpiderOutside rituals, the salvation of small actions behind closed doors like the spider, my childhood friend, the silence returns, the woods of earlier times thin around me, my own tree shrinks back to its roots.


Ricky's job search

18 August 2014 | Margaret McDonald

Searching ManRicky was intimidating at first sight. He was tall and very broad shouldered, his blonde hair wispy, and dishevelled. He begins a round that involves several agencies, none of which can help. A group that helps disabled people has given him a computer.  In the weeks we have been searching for a solution we have come to care for this young man who is so determined to learn.

Church congregations have role in healing abuse victims

17 August 2014 | Neil Ormerod

Child Abuse Royal Commission hearingThe recent independent redress scheme announcement by the Catholic Church's Truth, Justice and Healing Council is welcome. However it is not simply a matter for church hierarchy. Congregations need to be brought into the process of healing and reparation, which might include liturgies of lamentation and practical ways to make the church a safe place for victims of abuse.

Compassionate Jews weep for Gaza

17 August 2014 | Michael Trainor

Graffiti on synagogue wallIn Australia and around the world, places of Jewish worship have been daubed with graffiti. One tag reads, 'Weep for Gaza'. In the face of the tragic loss of innocent civilian lives in Gaza, Muslims, Jews and Christians all weep for Gaza. We deplore the tagging.