Vol 25 No 17

31 August 2015


Redesign my soul

31 August 2015 | Rodney Wetherell

Todd SampsonMy soul’s antennae are TV-tested for searching power, speed, vibrations – sluggishness is found, and some corrosion, but not a power of deep delusion. I pass, but barely – could do better. Empathy is down, the next test finds, neighbours more passed by than loved. And do I love myself?


Revising the idea of Santamaria as Tony Abbott's mentor

31 August 2015 | John Warhurst

Abbott and his so-called mentors, by Chris JohnstonThere is always an appetite for anything linking Tony Abbott and Bob Santamaria. The journalist in Abbott has encouraged observers to play up the links, even though it has never been entirely clear  what he is saying. He has explained that he was impressed as a young man by Santamaria’s courage as an 'advocate for unfashionable truths’, but he also pays his public dues to a number of prominent figures including John Howard, Cardinal George Pell, John Hewson, Bronwyn Bishop and even Pope Benedict XVI.


Religion in the state school curriculum

30 August 2015 | Kevin Donnelly

Jewish candles Various state based legislation argues that education in government schools should be secular in nature, but it does not rule out a place for religion in the general curriculum. To argue that religions should have a greater place in the school curriculum is not to proselytise. Rather it is to recognise that, while we are a secular society,  students need to encounter a more transcendent sense of life that incorporates a strong moral, spiritual and ethical dimension.


Francis' day to pray underlines priority for environment

30 August 2015 | Andrew Hamilton

Pope Francis and Patriarch BartholomewPope Francis has named 1 September as the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation. There are many such days, and it will pass unnoticed in many local churches. But his naming of it - and its reception - will reveal much about the style with which he chooses to address environmental degradation, throwing his weight behind the Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, who had previously consecrated the day to the Environment.