Vol 24 No 17

01 September 2014


Making Indigenous Literacy Day obsolete

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02 September 2014 | Luke Pearson

Child writing on the floorAs a former primary teacher, I have seen the importance of literacy programs for our young people, and the joy and power that comes from learning to read, especially for older students who thought they would never get to read. If schools were given adequate support, resourcing, staffing and training to better cater for the needs and interests of Indigenous students and families, there would hardly be any need to mark Indigenous Literacy Day.  


Dangerous impulses around women in power

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02 September 2014 | Peter Kirkwood

Award-winning journalist Geraldine Doogue explores the experiences of women in leadership, from the nuns who taught her at school to former Prime Minister Julia Gillard. She reflects on the importance of ambition and achieving work/life balance, and analyses the role of women leaders in the Catholic Church.


Boys' Own Interventure

02 September 2014 | Fiona Katauskas

Fiona Katauskas' cartoon Boys' Own Intervention with the PM reading from Boys' Own Adventure bookshelf rather than a shelf labelled Lessons of History

View this week's offering from Eureka Street's award winning political cartoonist.


His palm was her country

01 September 2014 | Anne Elvey

Bird in handI woke in a strange dream of a priest who pitied the child born to the mother no longer a nun. From the pew behind, I was the I that spoke up to power.


How to measure HIV stigma

01 September 2014 | Daniel Reeders

Measuring tapeGlobal targets can be used to benchmark countries – but measuring a reduction in stigma is harder than it sounds. As one of my colleagues asked, 'what's the international standard unit for one stigma?'


Fossil fuels must be demonised

31 August 2014 | Michael Mullins

Coal fired power plantPrime minister Tony Abbott told an industry gathering in May that ’it’s particularly important that we do not demonise the coal industry’. Pope Francis is likely to do just that when he releases his new encyclical on humanity’s role in caring for the earth. 


New Indonesian president offers hope for West Papua

31 August 2014 | Pat Walsh

West Papua independence flagSince its foundation as a modern state in the 1940s, Indonesia has been plagued by a series of conflicts that have threatened the dream of a united republic, inflicted grievous human rights violations and poisoned perceptions of the place, not least in Australia. Only West Papua, perhaps the most complex and intractable of them all, remains.