Vol 24 No 19

29 September 2014


The case for remaining single

02 October 2014 | Ellena Savage

Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney from People Magazine coverIn the few times I have felt distressed by the prospect of some kind of eternal singledom, I have reminded myself of how difficult and suffocating romantic love can be, especially in the belittling shadow of celebrity couplings. My accumulated life data tells me that no-one is a perfect partner, even with 'hard work', and there are many more things to love than some perfect other individual. 


Hong Kong not in the mood for love

02 October 2014 | Antonio Castillo

Over the last 20 years, every time the people of Hong Kong have heard some 'menacing' messages from Beijing, they have responded and become politically active. The menacing message this time is the one I heard two years ago in the office of Leung Kwok-hung – better known as 'Long hair' – in the Legislative Council offices far from the epicentre of the protests: 'Beijing won’t honour its pledge’.

An erstwhile pacifist's IS quandary

01 October 2014 | Gillian Bouras

Peace signI used to style myself a pacifist. Or hoped I was one. Or something. But that was before I had children. The minute I clapped eyes on my first-born, I realised that any threat to him would see me transformed into a murderous monster, and I later felt the same about his two brothers.


Self-absorption dressed up as romanticism

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01 October 2014 | Tim Kroenert

'Wish I Was Here' PosterIt is almost impossible to sympathise with Aidan and his flailing ‘dream’. He decides to take the kids’ education into his own hands. He calls this ‘home schooling’, but it pretty much consists of taking them for trips into the desert or conning the salesman at a luxury car dealership into letting them take a car for a spin, while spouting trite platitudes about life, death and the getting of wisdom.


What IS has to do with evil

01 October 2014 | Andrew Hamilton

Hooded IS member with hostageIS - the Islamic State - is getting a bad press. Deservedly so, for its brutality and totalitarian instincts. In the headlines, references to 'evil' and 'pure evil' have been dominant. This characterisation is unhelpful for a number of reasons. We must be careful not to empty the word 'evil' of any meaning.

Just like the original TPV only nastier

30 September 2014 | Kerry Murphy

Still from 'Mollie and Mubarak'Last week, Immigration Minister Scott Morrison proposed migration law changes that he said would speed up processing of the backlog of refugee claims, and allow asylum seekers to 'get on with their lives'. In fact they do nothing of the sort. The new temporary protection visa (TPV) denies family sponsorship, travel to visit family, and more.


A place for women in church leadership

30 September 2014 | Peter Kirkwood

For two weeks from this Sunday, the much anticipated Synod on the Family will take place at the Vatican. Those attending include around 150 bishops, a number of lay experts and 14 married couples. An interested observer from afar is former NSW Labor premier Kristina Keneally, theologically trained and one of the most prominent lay Catholics in Australia.


Taking care of business

30 September 2014 | Fiona Katauskas

Fiona Katauskas' cartoon Taking Care of Business shows another form of offshore processing in the movement of Australian-generated profits to overseas tax havens

View this week's offering from Eureka Street's award winning political cartoonist.


Using the Uber app in the city of brothers

29 September 2014 | Tess Ashton

Uber AppOur Uber appeared, a black Chevvy sculpture, a mere click of the fingers, from there to here, Denzel Washington, quipped hubby later was the driver, tall as a Pennsylvania night and lustrous as a god.


Going to war is a decision for parliament

29 September 2014 | John Warhurst

Tony Abbott in ParliamentThe difference between the approach by the British and Australian governments is striking. In Britain, Prime Minister Cameron, despite having a large majority, made the parliamentary debate in Westminster central, while in Australia Prime Minister Abbott spoke only of 'updating' the Parliament on his return from New York. There should be greater involvement by Parliament in Australia for reasons both of substance and symbolism.

Rise of the corporate cowboys

28 September 2014 | Tony Smith

Corporate CowboyUnfortunately, when people pin their hopes for a just and fair society to a corporation, they can be sadly disappointed. A spate of deaths around the country suggests that many corporations have plenty of power to influence governments to produce policies and legislation convenient for their operations, but fail to take responsibility for their bad outcomes, which include deaths in workplaces.

Society says freak show must go on

28 September 2014 | Michael Mullins

Bethlem scene from William Hogarth's A Rake's ProgressMaking fun of mental illness has a long history that was reflected in plans of the Perth Royal Show to offer an amusement based on the notorious Bethlem Sanatorium in London, where residents were cruelly taunted for the sake of public amusement. The WA Agricultural Society refused to cancel the show in reponse to criticism, instead changing the theme to ‘the outbreak of a deadly contagion’, itself an inappropriate subject for public amusement.