Vol 25 No 8

27 April 2015


Complicity in Turkey's wilful forgetting of the Armenian Genocide

26 April 2015 | Michael Mullins

Image from Armenian Genocide Museum-InstituteThe British commanders used the Australian troops who landed at Gallipoli as cannon fodder. The Turkish Government is doing something similar with the Australian visitors whom it is welcoming with open arms, in that it is using them to help smother the memory of the Armenian Genocide, which also occurred 100 years ago this week. In connection with Genocide, Pope Francis said recently that ‘concealing or denying evil is like allowing a wound to keep bleeding without bandaging it’.


The ignorant courage of the anti-vaxxers

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26 April 2015 | Jen Vuk

VaccineWhen my friend Lena told me she wouldn’t be vaccinating her newborn son Sammy, I admit I was fascinated but not surprised. Lena was always going to do motherhood her way. There are many like her who decided with a clear vision and level-head. But I can no longer accept these decisions. Since having my own precious boys, my world view has shifted and I am less ignorant.