Vol 25 No 4

03 March 2015


Edward Snowden comes around to fix my sick PC

02 March 2015 | Catherine Magree

Twisted HeartsAfterwards we will sip green tea in the sitting room and I'll persuade him that his next exposé must reveal our own torn and twisted hearts straining to escape their ventricular structures in the gaping face of the world's inanimate evil.


The Government's delusory tolerance rhetoric

02 March 2015 | Kerry Murphy

Tony Abbott National Security AddressPrime Minister Abbott's National Security Statement quite rightly spoke of threats to Australia and the need to address them. Many of his utterances might seem uncontroversial: 'Those who live here must be as tolerant of others as we are of them'. But in fact they ignore the way people 'who come here' are treated according to 'how' they came here. The language used to describe them reflects an attitude that is far from tolerant.

Abbott's ill-judged crusade against red tape

01 March 2015 | Michael Mullins

Red TapeThe Prime Minister has been forced to announce a proposal to toughen food labelling laws after the recent outbreak of Hepatitis A was linked to 'Nannas' imported berries. This goes against his resolve to remove red tape that represents 'unnecessary' compliance costs for business. The government has fervently derided red tape and presented regulation as the enemy, without distinguishing between regulations that are redundant and those that are needed to protect the consumer.

McClure Report a challenge for the new Scott Morrison

01 March 2015 | Brendan Long

Scott Morrison holding McClure ReportAs the freshly minted Social Services Minister, Scott Morrison has moved quickly to soften the tough stance he took in the Immigration portfolio. But it won't necessarily be easy. Patrick McClure has presented him with a massively controversial report on welfare reform which, if acted upon, would significantly reduce the incomes of a million marginalised Australians.