Vol 25 No 13

06 July 2015


The Border Force Act's disquieting parallels

05 July 2015 | Andrew Hamilton

Victims of Argentina's Dirty WarOn July 1 the Australian Border Force Act 2015 became law. Detention centre staff are now forbidden to speak about human rights abuses, with a two year jail penalty applying. It is perhaps appropriate to recall the secrecy of the security apparatus of Stalinist Russia, Apartheid South Africa, and Chile and Argentina under the Generals, where victims were denigrated and information prevented from leaking out.

The normalisation of lying in Australian politics

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05 July 2015 | John Warhurst

Bill Shorten 'on air'The terms 'lie' and 'liar' have become so completely devalued that there are now far worse sins in modern politics. That is why it's hard to get excited about Opposition Leader Bill Shorten choosing to lie on air to Neil Mitchell about his involvement in discussions with Kevin Rudd to unseat Julia Gillard as Prime Minister.