10 September 2011

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Bill Morris and the 'haemorrhaging' Church

27 October 2011 | Pat Power

As a close friend I have been aware for a number of years of his problems with the Holy See. I admired how he tried to have an honest conversation with Vatican officials and finally with the Pope himself. I do not believe he always felt there was genuine reciprocity in the dialogue.

University truth

12 September 2011 | Paul Beirne

'Melbourne College of Divinity's application to become a specialised 'university of divinity' followed a four-year process that was thorough, comprehensive, consultative and detailed. It was by no means 'an act of faith'.' Paul Beirne, Dean of MCD, responds to Neil Ormerod's article 'Future bites for theological colleges' 

Frank Brennan responds to Paul Keating

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02 June 2011 | Frank Brennan

I will happily commend Labor and the Greens should they follow Keating's challenge to further improve the native title package passed by the Howard Government. I don't claim any divine guidance for this. It's called politics.

Former state governor derides Good Friday football

03 April 2011 | James Gobbo

Sir James GobboThe proposal that a match at the MCG could project an Easter message is ludicrous. The Easter message calls for time and prayerful reflection. Even Islamic and Jewish leaders have supported the special status of Good Friday.

Refugee persecution is stupid

17 March 2011 | June Factor

Sydney Morning Herald front pageA Sydney Morning Herald editorial 71 years ago declared that to persecute refugees 'is stupid from the purely practical point of view'. The practical and humanitarian reasons it outlines for welcoming refugees remain relevant today.

Jenny Macklin to Frank Brennan

16 March 2011 | Jenny Macklin

Jenny MacklinDear Father Brennan, I do not accept the way you have characterised the Government's actions in relation to the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 and the Intervention, and am concerned that your article could mislead people into considering that the Government's measures in the NT are discriminatory.

Aid argument not 'anti-Catholic'

15 October 2010 | Gary Johns

My article is not against the 'ethical and values-based mission of the Catholic Church'. Unfortunately, there is not and never will be aid enough for all. Also, unfortunately, some aid will be misspent, and some will be spent on projects that do no good.

Defending Abbott and Santamaria

17 August 2010 | Gerard Henderson B. A. SantamariaHow times change. Early in the 20th Century, it was Protestant Orangemen who warned Australians not to vote for a Catholic. In the early 21 Century, such warnings are now delivered by a former Catholic priest in a publication of the Jesuit Order. –Gerard Henderson, The Sydney Institute

Disagreeing with Gerard Henderson

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12 March 2010 | Bruce Duncan Dr Henderson does Maritain a grave injustice in so cavalierly dismissing him as favouring the 'you-beaut idea to advocate Catholic/communist dialogue'. Maritain was strongly opposed to communist ideology, but he also recognised it contained positive elements, some of which he said were drawn with the Gospels.

Santamaria and the bishops in politics

11 March 2010 | Gerard Henderson Gerard HendersonTowards the end of his life, the French philosopher Jacques Maritan thought it was a you-beaut idea to advocate Catholic/communist dialogue between the Vatican and Stalin's heirs in Moscow. Santamaria made mistakes, yet on the issue of Soviet totalitarianism he was smarter than Maritan. 

Helping Frank Brennan

02 February 2010 | Jim Wallace The Australian Christian Lobby never claims to represent the views of all Christians any more than the Greens represent the views of all tree-lovers or Fr Brennan represents the views of all Catholics — just ask Cardinal Pell!

Lessons from the Parliament of the World's Religions

05 January 2010 | Herman Roborgh Other religions need not be a threat. As the Dalai Lama said, the problems facing the world are related to the ego and the emotions. And all the religious traditions of the world provide a path to confront one's selfishness and emotional struggles.

Malcolm Turnbull's blinding clarity

30 November 2009 | John Ryan Turnbull has forced his party to see thereis no way forward without serious internal reform. Maybe he will not beable to lead them on, but while lesser members seem blinded byseemingly irrational caution, Turnbull has called the game with ablinding clarity.

Towards a national conversation about marriage

26 November 2009 | Mick Mac Andrew

I cannot accept that marriage is only about the recognition of people who love, however deeply, one another. The Commonwealth Government should instigate a genuine information campaign about marriage and allow all opinions to be tested against a rigorous criteria.

Bringing theology home to the academy

24 November 2009 | Gerard Goldman and Terry Lovat BBIIt has been suggested, but surely not seriously, that the public university’s prime motive in including theology among its disciplines might be around financial benefit.

CPRS a vital lever

19 November 2009 | Damien Quinnell Right now, Australian’s elected politicians will decide our fate when they vote on one of the most important pieces of legislation to come before the Federal parliament in recent history. All of us will be directly affected by what is about to happen when the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) is re-introduced into Federal Parliament.

Obama's 'Not Bush' Nobel not good

27 October 2009 | Michael Brull Everyone progressive, liberal and leftwards breathed a sigh of relief at the end of two long Bush Administrations. I too share the hope for change from the Bush era. Sadly, Obama's not the change we're looking for.

In defence of people smugglers

15 October 2009 | Chris Bisset Kevin Rudd calls them the 'vilest form of people on the planet'. How dare these impoverished, yet slightly entrepreneurial fishermen let their social consciousness blind them from considering the interests of white Australians?

We’re not racist, we're just havin' a larf!

09 October 2009 | Meaghan Paul Hey Hey It's SaturdayI applaud Harry Connick Jr for pointing out the error in our Australian way of thinking. Laughing at someone else's expense is not harmless.

Latin Mass correction

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10 September 2009 | James McCarthy Andrew Hamilton's article 'Disunity in the Year of the Priest' alleges that  three unnamed priests of the Sydney Archdiocese said their first Mass in Latin. Fr Hamilton clarifies his point and accepts responsibility for a factual error.

In defense of Catholic schools

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25 August 2009 | Stephen Elder The misguided claims made by Ross Fitzgerald in a recent article in Eureka Street, How Catholic schools are failing the poor, cannot go unanswered.

Catholic schools save governments money

24 August 2009 | Dan White ClassroomRoss Fitzgerald claims Catholic schools 'have become the instrument through which tax dollars are siphoned off public schools and given to the private sector'. His argument is a misrepresentation of the facts.

The Sydney Institute favours neither side of politics

07 August 2009 | Gerard Henderson

Gerard HendersonSarah Burnside asserted in Eureka Street that 'conservatives can draw on a plethora of high-profile think-tanks, including The Sydney Institute, to research and enunciate their ideas'. This is false. The Institute is a forum for debate and discussion and does not do research for any organisation or political party.

Outrage over Aboriginal 'cooked alive' doco

18 June 2009 | Brian Haill Was I the only Australian sufficiently outraged by the latest ABCTV 4 Corners program, 'Who Killed Mr Ward?', to put pen to paper? Too often white Australians' animals fare better than do Indigenous people. We are a racist nation.

Students victims of 'violent' policies

16 June 2009 | Andrew McGowan When our universities enrol international students based on balance-sheet needs rather than strategies of international partnership and engagement, a whole branch of education policy is revealed as bankrupt.

Swine Flu: The Musical

03 June 2009 | Brian Haill Victoria, with its spate of swine flu cases, is no longer 'The place to be'. Prudence is one thing, but absurdity also needs to be recognised. Exhibit A: Archbishop Hart's instruction to priests not to offer chalices of wine during Communion.

Fable of the furtive veteran

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24 April 2009 | Mick O’Donnell There he was, this hunched over figure of a man, sitting in one of the furthermost pews, detached, eyes withdrawn, his face pale, features old and weather beaten. John O'Malley was always a mystery.

Why I hate the Church I love

10 March 2009 | Bill Farrelly How can the Catholic Church possibly justify the excommunication of the mother of a nine-year-old girl in Brazil for authorising the abortion of twin girls her daughter was carrying as the result of being raped by her stepfather?

Jason's story

03 March 2009 | Rob Salter The $3 billion blowout in Federal Government spending on disability pensions highlights the financial side of a crisis in our midst. The story of Jason, a relative of mine who is an addict and on a disability pension, reveals a personal side.

St Mary's 'beyond compromise'

23 February 2009 | Greg Windle While it is tragic that the Church has refused to countenance ongoing discussion about homosexuality, women priests, and a host of other issues, neither can I see how the stance taken by St Mary's on these and other matters can advance the causes of religion or reason.

No justice for St Mary's

20 February 2009 | Justin Coleman The Archbishop has relied upon the evidence of those whom you rightly alluded to as 'spies'. The parish reply was not 'We will defy you' but 'Your information is flawed. Please come and see for yourself.' Do club members have to accept every idea of every coach who is thrust upon them?

The Pope: first among equals

05 February 2009 | Andrew McAlister

During Vatican II, which was first called 30 years ago last month, the pastoral leadership of the church attempted to bring Roman Catholicism into the 20th century. Why did the notion of a supreme Pontiff survive?

The father of my soul

23 December 2008 | Joanna Thyer Always on for a challenge, one of the first things Brian said to me that day was 'Who's your favourite character in the Bible?' and then 'We need women priests.'

'They've never faced an angry man'

19 December 2008 | Phil Pyke

This was a known criminal with a history of violence. I drew my weapon, and yelled at him to get down on the ground. He ignored me, raised his arm, and possibly the weapon. Everything went into slow motion as I began to pull the trigger. I've often wondered what would have happened if I had shot him.

Life of Brian, AIDS activist

01 December 2008 | Brian Haill

It's close on a quarter of a century ago that I first became enmeshed in the world of HIV/AIDS. I found myself labelled an 'activist', catapulted into confronting my church over its attitude to condoms. Last week saw a return to the beginning.

Australian family life circa 2008

14 October 2008 | Anonymous

Workaholic public servant driven to depression

13 June 2008 | Graham Holmes

Why I am sorry

26 February 2008 | Bill Farrelly

A selection of some of the letters regarding Frank Brennan's most recent piece

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Moving the goalposts in the Hicks case

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Margaret Smith's response to Andrew Hamilton's 'Hate sin, love the sinner' piece

18 April 2007 | Margaret Smith's response to Andrww Hamilton's 'Hate sin, love the sinner' piece.

Problems with the Eureka Street PDF?

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18 April 2007 | Jon writes in to say that he has been having problems with the Eureka Street PDF.

Morag Fraser's response to Allan Gordon's letter

18 April 2007 | Morag Fraser Morag Fraser's writes in to respond to Allan Gordon's letter.

On Catholicism, Alan Jones, Morag Fraser, the ABC, and Hans Küng

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18 April 2007 | Allan Gordon writes in with some thoughts on Morag Fraser's piece on Alan Jones. 

Dear Crossword, wherefore art thou?

18 April 2007 | Eureka Street has not had a crossword since it went online. What are your thoughts on this do you miss the crossword too?

Praise for Chris Johnston's artwork

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18 April 2007 | Alan Holroyd writes in to praise Chris Johnston's artwork.

What Will We Tell Them?

08 March 2007 | What Will We Tell Them? - Geoff Richardson writes about the David Hicks case.

Misleading ABS employment figuers

08 March 2007 | Rex Graham writes about misleading unemployment statistics in Australia.

Environmental catastrophe awaits?

01 February 2007 | Peter Beeson asks whether we really are facing an environmental crisis that cannot be remedied. (from January 30, 2007.)

My Australian Father of the Year

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Issue 1, 2007

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Warwick Dilley writes on Issue 1, 2007 (From January 23, 2007.)

Let's be realistic about New Media

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01 February 2007 | Joan Modder asks how we might educate people to discern better what they read on the internet. (From January 15)

Feature Letter: How do you read Eureka Street?

15 November 2006 | Peter Matheson Peter Matheson asks what the best way to read Eureka Street might be, and how other people enjoy it, and make the most of it, in the new online format.

Where's the feminist outrage?

09 November 2006 | S. Partoredjo One reader finds the "decision of Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott to keep the anti-cervical cancer drug, Gardasil, off the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) greater cause for alarm, than that unfortunate reference to 'uncovered meat' and 'cats'."

What makes a site sacred?

09 September 2006 | Our Readers

The letters which have come in on 5 September relating to Andrew Hamilton's article What makes a site sacred?

Jack Waterford and the history of our region - a response

28 August 2006 | A pointed response to Jack Waterford's piece on teaching the history of our region from August 22.

Why change Aborigines into images of ourselves?

24 August 2006 | staff The respnse to Brian McCoy's latest article Why change Aborigines into images of ourselves? has been vocal. Here are some of the letters...

Crunchy Eureka Street

18 August 2006 | Anna Griffiths Anna misses her 'crunchy' Eureka Street, but she's adjusting well.

Fine distinctions

18 August 2006 | Brian Johnstone, C.SS.R. A response to 'Condoms discussion returns to traditional moral norms', discussing the rationale of 'the lesser evil'.