Vol 17 No 21

01 November 2007

Emotional politics


Immigration law under Labor

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31 October 2007 | Kerry Murphy Immigration under LaborALP Immigration Policy includes both change and continuity. It gives more priority to teaching English over testing, but there's still too much reliance on ministerial discretion rather than the judicial system.

Union officials victimised by fear campaign

31 October 2007 | Brendan Byrne

Union BossesThe Coalition's election campaign portrays union officials as industrial thugs. But far too often, they are the only support mechanism standing between stressed Australian workers and human tragedy.


Keeping a safe distance from religion

31 October 2007 | James McEvoy Secular AgeOur secular age is schizophrenic, or better, deeply cross-pressured. People are not conscious of a need for religion, yet they are moved to know that there are dedicated believers, like Mother Teresa.


Selective blindness about torture

31 October 2007 | Peter Hodge Abu GhraibThere is extensive evidence of US intelligence gathering techniques, much of it derived from declassified documents. It points to a clearly navigable path from the paranoia of the anti-communist post-WWII era to Abu Ghraib.


Unchecked consumption will waste the planet

31 October 2007 | Val Yule EarthSo many of the goods you see in shop windows will soon be waste, mostly landfill. Cutting waste is the fastest way to reduce carbon emissions and cope with other crises of climate change.


Demonising Ben Cousins

31 October 2007 | Braham Dabscheck Polish electionCousins has been hung out to dry. The West Coast Eagles abdicated their common law obligation of care to an employee, an employee who was in rehabilitation seeking to overcome problems with drugs.


The Chaser's Just War on celebrity worship

31 October 2007 | Tim Kroenert Polish electionThe Chaser's 'Eulogy' was less about the celebrities whose deaths it celebrated, than it was about public perceptions of those celebrities. The desire to puncture the 'cult of celebrity' is a major plank in the Chaser's War.


Polish election result mandates further modernisation

31 October 2007 | Tony Kevin Polish electionIn the early 1990s, a young politician Donald Tusk seemed so Westernised that his chances of ever becoming Polish prime minister were nearly non-existent. Now his moment has arrived.

Voting with instinct

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31 October 2007 | Tony Smith Voting and emotionSome political professionals would like to see the state behave just like the market, operating as a heartless machine for maximising outcomes. However, truly rational electors realise that if the system is to be imbued with compassion and humanity, the heart must play a role no less important than the head.


In search of sanctuary

31 October 2007 | various

PoetryTheir lives are anchored at the verge of loss, | Like a flipped coin assurance is unlikely.| Refugees endure a prolonged journey of conflict


Cardinal Pell's views on climate change are his own

31 October 2007 | Michael Mullins Cardinal PellCardinal Pell does not underscore his climate change denial with theological justification, as he does with his position on issues such as human cloning. It is unfair to him, and to the Catholic Church, to assume that his personal views on climate change represent Church teaching.


Biopic avoids venerating troubled artist antihero

31 October 2007 | Tim Kroenert ControlThe 'troubled artist', creative but self-destructive, looms large in pop culture. The film Control offers sympathy for the artist's love ones, who are left bruised and bleeding.

What Richard Dawkins believes

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31 October 2007 | Andrew Hamilton Darwin's AngelFor Richard Dawkins, excitement about the visible world leads only to analytical questions. The task of those who oppose this view is to describe the richness of the alternative.