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10 February 2013


Kirsty Sangster

17 May 2007 | Kirsty Sangster Kirsty Sangster is a Melbourne poet whose first collection, Midden Places, will be published in 2006 by Black Pepper Press. She submitted two articles to win equal second and highly commended in the inaugural Margaret Dooley Young Writers’ Award.

Shahram Akbarzadeh

17 May 2007 | Shahram Akbarzadeh Associate Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh researches the politics of Central Asia and the Middle East, political Islam, and US relations with the Muslim world. He is Deputy Director of the National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies at the University of Melbourne.

Sebastien de Robillard

17 May 2007 | Sebastien de Robillard

Sebastien de Robillard is a freelance writer. He is currently recovering from a month on his couch watching the World Cup, after spending the last six months travelling through Italy.

Kylie Baxter

30 January 2008 | Kylie Baxter Kylie BaxterDr Kylie Baxter works in the National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies, Asia Institute, the University of Melbourne. She is co-author of the forthcoming US Foreign Policy in the Middle East: the rise of anti-Americanism and is currently in Beirut researching the situation of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

Kirstyn McDermott

23 January 2008 | Kirstyn McDermott Kirstyn McDermottKirstyn McDermott is Vice President of the Australian Horror Writers Association. Her short fiction has been published in various magazines and anthologies, including Shadowed Realms, Redsine, Southern Blood, Island and GUD.

Matthew Dobson

23 January 2008 | Matthew Dobson Matthew DobsonMatthew Dobson is a freelance writer. He was Dux of Xavier College in 2006 and is currently studying Medicine at the University of Melbourne.

Robin Koning SJ

16 January 2008 | Robin Koning Robin Koning Robin Koning SJ lectures in Systematic Theology and Philosophy at Jesuit Theological College. He worked for five years in the Kutjungka Catholic Parish based at Wirrumanu (Balgo).

Ashlea Scicluna

13 December 2007 | Ashlea Scicluna Ashlea SciclunaAshlea Scicluna is a freelance writer in her third year of a Bachelor of International Relations at La Trobe University. She is currently based in the Netherlands on a study scholarship. The time abroad has provided Ashlea with opportunities to further explore her passion for international affairs.

Susan Metcalfe

13 December 2007 | Susan Metcalfe Susan MetcalfeSusan Metcalfe is a writer and a long term advocate for refugees and asylum seekers in Nauru. Susan has made numerous visits to Nauru over the past few years to support refugees and conduct research for a yet to be completed PHD in Politics.

Michelle Coram

13 December 2007 | Michelle Coram Michelle CoramMichelle Coram is an Adelaide lawyer. She has had a number of articles published in Australian Catholics based on travel and her experiences as a volunteer overseas with the Iona and Taize communities and at a reconciliation centre in Northern Ireland.

Sophie Rudolph

12 December 2007 | Sophie Rudolph Sophie RudolphIn 2006-2007 Sophie Rudolph spent 20 months working, volunteering and traveling in Europe, Africa and South East Asia. In 2008 she will be teaching at Collingwood College in Melbourne.

Rochelle Siemienowicz

28 November 2007 | Rochelle Siemienowicz Rochelle SiemienowiczRochelle Siemienowicz is the films editor for The Big Issue Australia. She has a PhD in Philosophy and Cultural Inquiry with a focus on Australian cinema and globalisation. Rochelle blogs at www.itsbetterinthedark.blogspot.com.

Michael Mehr

28 November 2007 | Michael Mehr Michael MehrMichael Mehr is a Sydney-based writer. He studied al-Jazeera as part of his Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies at Sydney University.

David Rosen

28 November 2007 | David Rosen David RosenDavid Rosen is an author and commentator based in New York City.

Alexandra Coghlan

28 November 2007 | Alexandra Coghlan Alexandra CoghlanAlexandra Coghlan graduated from Oxford University in 2006 with BAs in English Literature and Music, and completed an MPhil in Criticism and Culture at Trinity College, Cambridge. She currently lives in Sydney, where she works as a teacher and freelance journalist prior to returning to Oxford for a DPhil in October 2008.

Abe Ata

28 November 2007 | Abe Ata Abe AtaProfessor Abe W. Ata was a temporary delegate to the UN in 1970 and has lived and worked in the Middle East, America and Australia. Dr Ata is a ninth-generation Christian Palestinian academic born in Bethlehem, and currently works at the Australian Catholic University.

Rocky Wood

26 November 2007 | Rocky Wood

Rocky WoodRocky Wood is a Melbourne-based freelance writer. His new book is Stephen King: The Non-Fiction.

Vacy Vlazna

14 November 2007 | Vacy Vlazna Dr Vacy VlaznaDr Vacy Vlazna is the coordinator of Justice for Palestine Matters. She was convenor of Australia East Timor Association and East Timor Justice Lobby and served in East Timor with UNAMET and UNTAET.

Luke Fraser

13 November 2007 | Luke Fraser Luke FraserLuke Fraser is an industry executive with an interest in sound public policy who has worked as a chief of staff in a previous Federal Government. He lives and works in Canberra.

Malcolm King

08 November 2007 | Malcolm King Malcolm KingMalcolm King is an Adelaide writer. He runs an educational PR business and teaches Sudanese children literacy and numeracy. He was the former head of the RMIT creative writing programs.

Peter Hodge

01 November 2007 | Peter Hodge Peter HodgePeter Hodge works as a teacher and freelance journalist. He is the author of Volunteer Work Overseas for Australians and New Zealanders.

Patrick Barrow

01 November 2007 | Patrick Barrow

Patrick BarrowPatrick Barrow teaches English overseas and has worked as a tour guide in Europe. He has travelled extensively in China, Poland, Thailand and Germany, and currently resides in Russia, in the Ural mountains on the western edge of Siberia.


Val Yule

28 October 2007 | Val Yule Val Yule Val Yule is a writer on social issues and researcher on imagination and literacy. In the 1970s she was schools psychologist for disadvantaged Catholic schools with the Commonwealth Disadvantaged Schools Program.

Braham Dabscheck

28 October 2007 | Braham Dabscheck Braham Dabscheck Braham Dabscheck taught industrial relations at the University of New South Wales for 33 years. He has acted as a consultant or advisory board member to various player and sports associations in Australia, and has written extensively on the economic and legal aspects of sports.

Carol Ransley

18 October 2007 | Carol Ransley Sarah KanowskiCarol Ransley is a human rights advocate who has monitored the situation in Burma for 15 years.

Bill Calcutt

18 October 2007 | Bill Calcutt

Bill CalcuttBill Calcutt worked in a range of intelligence roles in the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation and the National Crime Authority for more than 20 years. He now works in regional development and retains a strong interest in governance and public accountability.

Richard Flynn

18 October 2007 | Richard Flynn

Richard FlynnRichard Flynn is a former teacher of senior English and drama at St Ignatius College, Adelaide. He has an online business specialising in copy editing.

David Holdcroft

18 October 2007 | David Holdcroft

David HoldcroftDavid Holdcroft SJ is director of the Jesuit Refugee Service.

Tony Kevin

18 October 2007 | Tony Kevin Scott StephensTony Kevin retired from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in 1998, after a 30-year public service career in DFAT and Prime Minister's Department. He was Australia's ambassador to Poland (1991–94) and Cambodia (1994–97).

Trish McNamara

18 October 2007 | Trish McNamara

Trish McNamara Trish McNamara is Lecturer in the School of Social Work and Social Policy at La Trobe University.

Toe Zaw Latt

18 October 2007 | Toe Zaw Latt Sarah KanowskiToe Zaw Latt, a former 1988 student activist, is the Thailand Bureau Chief of Democratic Voice of Burma.

Joel Burstyner

03 October 2007 | Joel Burstyner joel burstynerJoel Burstyner is a Melbourne lawyer and writer based in Berlin.

Robyn Williams

03 October 2007 | Robyn Williams Robyn WilliamsRobyn Williams has presented The Science Show on ABC Radio National since 1975. He recently published Future Perfect: What Next? And Other Impossible Questions (Allen & Unwin)

Neil Ormerod

03 October 2007 | Neil Ormerod Dr Neil Ormerod, Professor of Theology, is Director of the Institute of Theology, Philosophy and Religious Education at Australian Catholic University, Mount St Mary Campus.

Maurice Rickard

19 September 2007 | Maurice Rickard Dr Maurice Rickard is a Canberra researcher and former Australian Parliamentary Fellow. Further elaboration of the issues mentioned here can be found in the paper "Is it medically legitimate to provide assisted reproductive treatments to fertile lesbians and single women?" Australian Parliamentary Library.

Vivienne Kelly

19 September 2007 | Vivienne Kelly Vivienne Kelly has worked as an academic, a public servant and a university administrator. Recently she obtained a PhD from Monash University: her thesis examined myth, history, and theatre in Australia. She lives in Melbourne and currently works as a freelance researcher.

Brian Lawrence

06 September 2007 | Brian Lawrence Brian Lawrence is the author of Workplace Relations: A Catholic Perspective, published by the Australian Catholic Council for Employment Relations (ACCER).

Anne Lanyon

06 September 2007 | Anne Lanyon Anne Lanyon is the Co-ordinator of the Columban Centre for Peace, Ecology and Justice, one of three centres of the Columban Mission Institute based in Strathfield, Sydney

Michele Gierck

06 September 2007 | Michele Gierck Michele GierckMichele Gierck is a freelance writer. Her book, 700 Days in El Salvador, was published by Coretext in 2006.

Kylie Baxter and Rebecca Barlow

05 September 2007 | Kylie Baxter and Rebecca Barlow Kylie Baxter and Rebecca Barlow are researchers in the Centre for Muslim Minorities and Islam Policy Studies at Monash University.

Peter Pierce

26 August 2007 | Peter Pierce Peter Pierce is a former professor of Australian Literature at a number of Australian universities. He also writes reviews for a number of publications, including the bulletin magazine, and is a long time Eureka Street contributor.

Dan Read

15 August 2007 | Dan Read Dan Read is a freelance journalist and editor operating out of the UK. In the past he has specialised in political and trade union issues, and has appeared in such publications as Transitions (in the Czech Republic) and Z Magazine(in the US).

Philip Mendes

26 July 2007 | Philip Mendes Philip MendesPhilip Mendes is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social Work at Monash University, and the author of Inside the Welfare Lobby: A History of the Australian Council of Social Service, (Sussex Academic Press 2006).

Chris Lowney

26 July 2007 | Chris Lowney Chris LowneyChris Lowney, who is visiting Australia 20-28 August 2007, served as managing director of JP Morgan & Co. in New York, Tokyo, Singapore, and London. He is author of Heroic Leadership: Best Practices from a 450-Year-Old Company that Changed the World (Loyola Press ISBN 0829418164)

John Honner

26 July 2007 | John Honner

John HonnerJohn Honner was one of the regular early contrtibutors to Eureka Street and claims to have given the journal its name. He currently lives on the south coast of New South Wales, from where he is Writer in Virtual Residence for Esther's Voice and a guide to faith communities and social services in mission, planning and development. 

Peter Steele

26 July 2007 | Peter Steele Peter SteelePeter Steele SJ is a poet and scholar and a longtime contributor to Eureka Street. He is Emeritus Professor of English at the University of Melbourne. He also holds a a visiting chair at Georgetown
University in Washington DC, to which he will return in July.

Joanna Cruickshank

12 July 2007 | Joanna Cruickshank joanna_cruickshank.jpgJoanna Cruickshank is a Senior Research Associate in the School of Historical Studies at the University of Melbourne. She researches, lectures and publishes on the role of religion in British and Australian history.

Barbara Chapman

27 June 2007 | Barbara Chapman

Barbara Chapman is a writer, and has also been a teacher of English to adult migrants and refugees for over 20 years.

Allister Hayman

27 June 2007 | Allister Hayman Allister has worked as freelance writer for several years. After completing a graduate diploma in journalism at RMIT in 2006 he was awarded a fellowship to work at the Phnom Penh Post in Cambodia.

Keith Harvey

27 June 2007 | Keith Harvey Keith Harvey is a National Industrial Officer for the Australian Services Union and has worked in the union movement for almost 35 years. Over this time he has been a close observer of interplay between Christian social teaching and industrial law, and especially since the advent of the Federal Government’s WorkChoices legislation.

Geoffrey King SJ

12 June 2007 | Geoffrey King Geoff KingGeoffrey King teaches Canon Law and Moral Theology at Jesuit Theological College and the United Faculty of Theology, Melbourne. From 1989 to 1996 he was Director of the East Asian Pastoral Institute, Manila. At the 34th General Congregation of the Jesuits (1995) he chaired the commission that undertook the first formal revision since the sixteenth century of the Jesuit Constitutions.

L. K. Holt

11 June 2007 | L. K. Holt L. K. HoltL.K. Holt is a Melbourne-based writer. Her first full-length collection of poetry - Man, Wolf, Man - is forthcoming later this year from John Leonard Press.

Luke James

11 June 2007 | Luke James Luke JamesLuke James is a writer and lawyer who currently lives in Apia, Samoa.  

Saeed Saeed

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11 June 2007 | Saeed Saeed Saeed SaeedSaeed Saeed has written for many of Australia's leading news publications such as the Courier Mail, the MX and the Australian. He is also a music & film critic for Mediasearch and Melbourne radio station PBSFM. Saeed also works casually as youth worker in Melbourne's northern suburbs.

Sarah Nichols

11 June 2007 | Sarah Nichols Sarah NicholsSarah Nichols is currently doing postgraduate studies in writing and literature. She has previously worked in publishing, but is going to Vietnam soon with Global Volunteer Network.


01 June 2007 | Erasmus

ErasmusErasmus is a Renaissance Man.



James Waller

01 June 2007 | James Waller James WallerJames Waller is a painter, poet and sculptor based in Melbourne, Australia. Notable exhibitions include 'Fabrics of the East' in the Sydney Opera House in 2000, a stage backdrop for the 2004 Kasmir World Music Festival, and 'Crisis, Catharsis and Contemplation' in St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne, 2006.

Colin Brown

30 May 2007 | Colin Brown Colin BrownColin Brown was the founding national executive officer of Catholic Earthcare Australia. Prior to that he was the social justice coordinator for the De La Salle Brothers. He has now left Earthcare to return to practising environmental law.

Susan Aykut

30 May 2007 | Susan Aykut

susan AykutSusan Aykut is the Deputy Director of the Institute for Public History at Monash University. She completed her Ph.D. at La Trobe University in the Schools of Art History and History and has worked as an historian in a variety of positions in both the university and public sectors.


Kylie Crabbe

17 May 2007 | Kylie Crabbe

kylie crabbeKylie Crabbe lives in Northcote and is preparing for ministry in the Uniting Church.

Sean McDonagh

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17 May 2007 | Sean McDonagh

sean mcdonaghSean McDonagh is a Columban missionary priest who is the author of several books. Originally from North Tipperary, he now resides at Dalgan Park, Navan, Co Meath in Ireland.




Clare Coburn

17 May 2007 | Clare Coburn

Clare CoburnClare Coburn is an educator, writer and mediator. Currently she is working on a doctorate on listening in mediation as well as teaching mediation and dispute resolution in the School of Law at La Trobe University.

Gill Straker-Bryce

17 May 2007 | Gill Straker-Bryce

Gill Straker-BryceGill Straker-Bryce has a PhD in psychology and is a consultant to Encompass Australasia in addition to working in private practice in Sydney. She is also a clinical professor in
the medical faculty at Sydney University.



Mary Manning

17 May 2007 | Mary Manning

Mary ManningMary Manning works at Jesuit Communications. She writes poetry, stories and educational texts. 


Chloe Wilson

17 May 2007 | Chloe Wilson

Chloe WilsonChloe Wilson is completing Honours in English at the University of Melbourne. Formerly a journalist who worked exclusively on the subject of pipelines, she now works at a small publisher as an editorial assistant.

Stefan Gigacz

17 May 2007 | Stefan Gigacz

stefan gigaczStefan Gigacz, who has just returned to Australia after living in France, is researching a history of the impact of Marc Sangnier's Sillon (Furrow) movement on later Catholic lay movements.




David Corlett

17 May 2007 | David Corlett

David CorlettDavid Corlett is a freelance writer and author of Following Them Home: The Fate of the Returned Asylum Seekers (Black Inc. 2005).



Daniel Donahoo

17 May 2007 | Daniel Donahoo

Daniel DonahooDaniel Donahoo is the author of "Idolising Children" and a fellow with public policy think tank OzProspect. He consults on child and family policy and his work and ideas appear regularly in the Australian media. He lives with his wife and two boys in Central Victoria.

Colin Long

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17 May 2007 | Colin Long Colin LongColin Long lectures in cultural heritage at Deakin University. He is an urban historian with interests in Vietnamese, Lao and Cambodian history and heritage, Australian urban and labour history, and heritage in post-communist societies. He is also the President of the Deakin Branch of the National Tertiary Education Union.

Matthew Lamb

17 May 2007 | Matthew Lamb

Matt LambMatthew Lamb is a Queensland writer.



James Montgomery

17 May 2007 | James Montgomery James MontgomeryJames Montgomery is a Senior Counsel at the Victorian Bar. He has been a criminal barrister for 30 years, and has specialised in murder trials for the  last five. Among many cases, his most noted recent win was the acquittal of Claire McDonald in 2006.

Max Charlesworth

17 May 2007 | Max Charlesworth

Max CharlesworthMax Charlesworth is an emeritus professor of philosophy .He has written on conscience and related issues in Church, State and Conscience and Religious Inventions.


Peter Roebuck

17 May 2007 | Peter Roebuck Peter RoebuckPeter Roebuck is a writer for the The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, amongst other publications, and a commentator on the ABC. He also helped found the the LBW Trust, which helps young Zimbabweans attend university.

Nahum Ayliffe

17 May 2007 | Nahum Ayliffe Nahum AyliffeNahum Ayliffe is a Melbourne free lance writer, student and he also works as youth and family worker at St Leonard's Uniting Church. He blogs at www.nahum.com.au and is passionate about young people, politics and those very important existential questions.

Madeleine Hamilton

17 May 2007 | Madeleine Hamilton madeleinehamiltonMadeleine Hamilton wrote her PhD thesis on the phenomenon of the Australian 1940s and 1950s pin-up girl. Previous articles have appeared in Lilith: A Feminist History Journal, Eras, and Space: New Writing.

B.N. Oakman

17 May 2007 | B. N. Oakman B. N. OakmanB. N. Oakman is an economist whose prize winning poetry and short fiction has appeared in literary magazines, newspapers, anthologies used in schools, and elsewhere.

Les Wicks

17 May 2007 | Les Wicks Les WicksLes Wicks has been published in 11 countries and in seven languages. He runs Meuse Press, which focuses on poetry outreach projects. His seventh, most recent book of poetry is Stories of the Feet (Five Islands, 2004). Les Wicks' website

James McEvoy

17 May 2007 | James McEvoy James McEvoyJames McEvoy teaches at Catholic Theological College, Adelaide.

Brian Toohey

17 May 2007 | Brian Toohey

Brian TooheyBrian Toohey is a columnist and feature writer for The Australian Financial Review, and columnist for The West Australian and The Canberra Times.



Bishop Greg O'Kelly SJ

17 May 2007 | Greg O'Kelly

Greg O'KellyBishop Greg O'Kelly SJ is the Auxiliary Bishop of Adelaide. He was headmaster of Saint Ignatius' College, Adelaide for 12 years.



Peter Fleming

17 May 2007 | Peter Fleming Peter FlemingPeter Fleming is a writer and teacher, currently working at Loyola Senior High School Mt Druitt. He has written plays and musicals, lectured in theatre history and arts managment, and was a regular contributor to onlinecatholics.com

Rodrigo Acuña

17 May 2007 | Rodrigo Acuña Rodrigo AcunaRodrigo Acuña is a PhD candidate in International Studies at Macquarie University, Sydney. He writes regularly on Latin American affairs in the Australian press and has been interviewed on ABC Radio, SBS Radio (Spanish) and Radio Adelaide among others.

John Button

17 May 2007 | John Button john buttonJohn Button was a minister and senator in the Hawke and Keating governments. He has written books, a Quarterly Essay, and has also written for, among many publications, the Sydney Morning Herald and Crikey.

Hilary Rogers

17 May 2007 | Hilary Rogers Hilary RogersHilary Rogers is commissioning editor at Hardie Grant Egmont, a children's publisher based in Melbourne. This gives her the opportunity to play peek-a-boo and deem it work-related. Hilary adores travel, hates carob and spends much of her time trying to teach her little boy not to eat the books she loves.

Hector Welgampola

17 May 2007 | Hector Welgampola hector welgampolaFormer chief editor of Sri Lanka's Catholic weeklies, Messenger and Gnanartha Pradeepaya. He was Executive Editor of the Hong Kong-based regional Asian Catholic publications UCA News and Asia Focus, before retiring to Brisbane.

Peter Bakowski

17 May 2007 | Peter Bakowski Peter BakowskiBorn in Melbourne in 1954 to Polish-German parents, Peter Bakowski has been writing poetry for over twenty years. His poems have been published in literary journals wordwide and have been translated into many languages. His first book In the human night  won the Victorian Premiers Award for Poetry.

Les Coleman

17 May 2007 | Les Coleman Les colemanDr Les Coleman lectures in finance at the University of Melbourne. His principal research focus is on the nature and consequences of firm risks.

Beth Doherty

17 May 2007 | Beth Doherty beth dohertyBeth Doherty currently works for Caritas Australia, the international aid and development agency of the Catholic Church. She has worked in Cambodia with the Jesuit Refugee Service, is a freelance writer for Jesuit Communications, and a former assistant editor of Eureka Street.

Chris Middleton SJ

17 May 2007 | Chris Middleton Chris MiddletonFr Chris Middleton SJ is the Principal of St Aloysius College, Milson's Point, in Sydney.

Charles Rue

17 May 2007 | Charles Rue Charles RueDr Charles Rue is a Sydney-based priest of the Columban Missionary Society, and co-ordinator of Columban JPIC (Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation).

Anthony Hallam

17 May 2007 | Anthony Hallam

Tony Hallam is a secondary school teacher in Gympie, and teaches students affected by the Mary River dam.

Peter Hosking SJ

17 May 2007 | Peter Hosking

Peter Hosking SJ is a former East Timor country director for Jesuit Refugee Service.

Dave Hoskin

17 May 2007 | Dave Hoskin Dave Hoskin is a graduate of the University of Melbourne and the Victorian College of the Arts. His writing has appeared in Metro and Pathway, and his short films have screened at festivals around the world.

Francis Sullivan

17 May 2007 | Francis Sullivan

Francis SullivanFrancis Sullivan is the Chief Executive Officer of Catholic Health Australia.

Brendan Long

17 May 2007 | Brendan Long Dr Brendan Long is an advisor to the Member for Hunter, Joel Fitzgibbon, the federal Shadow Minister for Revenue, and Shadow Assistant Treasurer.

Charles Sherlock

17 May 2007 | Charles Sherlock

Charles SherlockCharles Sherlock spent four decades teaching theology and liturgy in Melbourne. A priest of the Anglican Diocese of Bendigo, and a member of ARCIC since 1991, he is an Honorary Research Fellow of the MCD University of Divinity. 

Paul Mitchell

17 May 2007 | Paul Mitchell

Paul MitchellPaul Mitchell is a Melbourne writer of journalism, poetry and fiction.

Andrew Carter

17 May 2007 | Andrew Carter

Andrew CarterAndrew Carter is an actor for hire.

Gary Pearce

17 May 2007 | Gary Pearce

gary pearceGary Pearce completed a PhD on Irish modernism at the Centre for Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, Monash University.


Kent Rosenthal SJ

17 May 2007 | Kent Rosenthal

Kent RosenthalKent Rosenthal returned from an assignment in Haiti with the Jesuit Refugee Service, to complete a six-month placement with Jesuit Communications in Melbourne, in 2006.


Daniel Baldino

17 May 2007 | Daniel Baldino Daniel BaldinoDaniel Baldino is head of the Politics/International Relations program in the School of Arts and Sciences at Notre Dame University, Fremantle.

Trent O'Bryan

17 May 2007 | Trent O'Bryan

Trent O'BryanTrent has a degree in education and a diploma in screenwriting. He has been a long-term student, garbageman, radio ratings compiler, ticket seller, and sullen retail assistant, amongst other things, and is currently a counsellor and unapologetic soap opera junkie.

Sarah Kanowski

17 May 2007 | Sarah Kanowski Sarah KanowskiSarah Kanowski is a writer, and a producer and broadcaster with ABC Radio National. She held a Commonwealth Scholarship at Oxford University between 2000 and 2002, and won the inaugural Margaret Dooley Young Writers' Award in 2005


Marisa Pintado

17 May 2007 | Marisa Pintado

Marisa PintadoMarisa Pintado was an editorial assistant at Eureka Street in 2006. She is an avid reader, a blogger and a feminist, and she loves the springtime.

David Manne

17 May 2007 | David Manne

David Manne is coordinator and principal solicitor at the Refugee and Immigration Legal Centre in Melbourne.

Bill Uren SJ

17 May 2007 | Bill Uren

Fr Bill Uren SJ is Rector of Newman College at the University of Melbourne and a member of the Australian Health Ethics Committee.

Michael McVeigh

17 May 2007 | Michael McVeigh

Mick McVeigh is editor of Australian Catholics.


Mark Byrne

17 May 2007 | Mark Byrne

Mark Byrne is a senior researcher at Uniya Jesuit Social Justice Centre, where he occasionally writes and gives talks on race relations in Australian cinema.

Margaret Cassidy

17 May 2007 | Margaret Cassidy

Margaret Cassidy is Eureka Street's resident media reviewer.

Paul Daffey

17 May 2007 | Paul Daffey

Paul DaffeyPaul Daffey is a Melbourne freelance journalist, whose book Local Rites: A year in Grass Roots Football in Victoria and Beyond was published in 2001.

Tom Cranitch

17 May 2007 | Tom Cranitch

Tom Cranitch is a Brisbane-based consultant and writer. He is the former Chief Executive Officer of Jesuit Communications Australia

Chris Wallace-Crabbe

17 May 2007 | Chris Wallace-Crabbe

Chris Wallace-Crabbe is a Melbourne poet, whose most recent publication is the late-modern epic, The Universe Looks Down (2005).

Jack Waterford AO

17 May 2007 | Jack Waterford

Jack Waterford has been an editor of the Canberra Times since 1995. He contributes to Eureka Street regularly.

Tony Smith

17 May 2007 | Tony Smith

Tony SmithTony Smith holds a PhD in political science. He has taught at several universities, most recently at the University of Sydney.

James Massola

17 May 2007 | James Massola

James MassolaJames Massola is online political correspondent for the Australian Financial Review. He has previously worked as a political reporter for The Australian and the Canberra Times and assistant editor at Eureka Street. He also holds a Masters in International Relations from Monash University.

Paul Osborne

17 May 2007 | Paul Osborne Paul OsbornePaul Osborne is a journalist with AAP in the Canberra Press Gallery.

Paul Cleary

17 May 2007 | Paul Cleary paul clearyPaul Cleary worked for East Timor Prime Minister Alkatiri as a consultant on a World Bank-funded project from 2003 to 2005. His book on the Timor Sea oil dispute will be published in June by Allen&Unwin.

Deborah Singerman

17 May 2007 | Deborah Singerman Deborah SingermanDeborah Singerman is a Sydney-based freelance writer and editor, specialising in the urban environment.

Greg Soetomo SJ

17 May 2007 | Greg Soetomo

Greg SoetomoGreg Soetomo is an Indonesian Jesuit who edits Hidup, a weekly general interest magazine that explores the social dimenson of Christian faith.

Sandie Cornish

17 May 2007 | Sandie Cornish

Sandie CornishSandie Cornish is a staff member of the Loyola Institute, a centre for formation and leadership conducted by the Australian Jesuits.

Richard Treloar

17 May 2007 | Richard Treloar Richard TreloarThe Revd Dr Richard Treloar is Chaplain of Trinity College at the University of Melbourne, and teaches at the United Faculty of Theology.  He is the Vicar-designate of Christ Church, Anglican Parish, South Yarra, Melbourne.

Brian McCoy SJ

17 May 2007 | Brian McCoy Brian McCoyDr Brian F. McCoy SJ is NHMRC Fellow for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS) at La Trobe University.

Richard Leonard SJ

17 May 2007 | Richard Leonard Richard LeonardRev Dr Richard Leonard SJ is the director of the Australian Catholic Film Office and author of Movies That Matter: Reading Film Through The Lens of Faith.

Peter Matheson

17 May 2007 | Peter Matheson Peter Matheson is a leading scholar of 16th Century Reformations, based in New Zealand.

David Sutherland

17 May 2007 | David Sutherland

David SutherlandDavid Sutherland has written about subjects as diverse as business, sport and travel, but has specialised for the past few years in food writing.

Ralph Carolan

17 May 2007 | Ralph Carolan

Ralph Carolan teaches Secondary English in Melbourne and writes when he has All That Time Off.

John Kinsella

17 May 2007 | John Kinsella

John Kinsella is an Australian poet, novelist, critic, publisher, and journal editor, based at Kenyon College, Ohio, in the USA. His website is at: www.johnkinsella.org

Donald Russell

17 May 2007 | Donald Russell

Donald Russell is a freelance writer and photographer based in Melbourne.


Michael Ashby

17 May 2007 | Michael Ashby

Michael Ashby is Professor and Director of the Centre for Palliative Care at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne

Rebecca Duffy

17 May 2007 | Rebecca Duffy

Rebecca DuffyRebecca Duffy is a student from the University of Queensland studying at Gadjah Mada Univesity, Yogyakarta.

Dewi Anggraeni

17 May 2007 | Dewi Anggraeni Dewi AnggraeniDewi Anggraeni is a novelist and journalist. In March, Equinox Publishing and the International Labour Organisation in Jakarta published Dreamseekers, her eighth book.

Myrna Tonkinson

17 May 2007 | Myrna Tonkinson

Dr Myrna Tonkinson is an honourary research fellow in anthropology in the School of Social and Cultural Studies at the University of Western Australia who has done research among Aboriginal people in the Western Desert of WA since 1974.

Sushma Joshi

17 May 2007 | Sushma Joshi

Sushma JoshiSushma Joshi is a writer and researcher in Nepal. She has worked recently for the UN, but insists that her analysis is her own. Her blog is at www.sushma.blogspot.com

Adrian Lane

17 May 2007 | Adrian Lane

Adrian LaneAdrian Lane is currently preparing a CD of his poems. An Anglican minister, he has a heart for the former Yugoslavia, and currently teaches Preaching and Pastoral Care at Ridley College in Melbourne.

John Sweeney

17 May 2007 | John Sweeney

John SweeneyJohn Sweeney is team leader of the Business Ethics Initiative of the Edmund Rice Centre in Sydney. He edits Good Business.

Tim Thwaites

17 May 2007 | Tim Thwaites

Tim Thwaites has written the Archimedes column for Eureka Street for many years. He has been a science writer and broadcaster for more than 25 years. He is the voice of New Scientist in Australia, and teaches non-fiction writing at La Trobe University.

John Laurie

17 May 2007 | John Laurie

John Laurie is a South Australian born, Melbourne-based, freelance photographer and writer.

Margaret Cody

17 May 2007 | Margaret Cody

Margaret CodyMargaret Cody, who lives in both Sydney and the Blue Mountains, works in spiritual formation and runs Mountain Retreats.

Daisy Gardener

17 May 2007 | Daisy Gardener

Daisy Gardener is an industry advocate for Fairwear Australia. She is currently completing a Masters at RMIT in the Politics of Development.

Morag Fraser

17 May 2007 | Morag Fraser

Morag Fraser is the former editor of Eureka Street. She is currently Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at La Trobe University, and writes for a diverse range of magazines and newspapers.

Elizabeth Ascroft

17 May 2007 | Elizabeth Ascroft

Elizabeth is a Melbourne based freelance writer, with a special interest in South-East Asia where she has both lived and travelled extensively.

Meaghan Paul

17 May 2007 | Meaghan Paul Meaghan PaulMeaghan Paul is chaplain at Methodist Ladies’ College, Melbourne. She submitted two articles to win equal second and highly commended in the inaugural Margaret Dooley Young Writers’ Award.

A.H. London

17 May 2007 | A.H. London A.H. LondonA.H. London has been widely published in journals, magazines and newspapers in Australia. He currently grows olives in the southernmost grove in WA.

Mark Miller

17 May 2007 | Mark Miller Mark MillerMark Miller is an Australian poet who has published two books of poetry. His first - Conversing with Stones - won the Anne Elder Award.

Anthony Ham

17 May 2007 | Anthony Ham

Anthony Ham is a writer and photographer who writes regularly for the Age, Sydney Morning Herald and other newspapers and magazines from his home in Madrid. He has been writing for Eureka Street since 1999.

Alice Bergin

17 May 2007 | Alice Bergin Alice BerginDr Alice Bergin is a doctor in Victoria’s public health system. She has an interest in social justice, medicine, writing and doing something fabulous.

David Streader

17 May 2007 | David Streader

David Streader is a freelance journalist who takes a passionate interest in pretty much everything that comes his way. Schooled in film theory and production, he has worked in television, radio and print media in both Australia and Japan.

Jennifer Sinclair

17 May 2007 | Jennifer Sinclair Jennifer Sinclair is writing a PhD in the School of Political and Social Inquiry at Monash University on contemporary understandings of the spiritual in secular culture. She is also planning a book on the topic.

Ben Russell

17 May 2007 | Ben Russell

Ben Russell is a student and freelance writer living in Melbourne.

Christine Gillespie

17 May 2007 | Christine Gillespie Christine Gillespie is a Melbourne writer who has been published in France, Malaysia, India and Australia. She is currently finishing her first novel, titled My Ornament.

Jemma Galvin

17 May 2007 | Jemma Galvin Jemma Galvin is currently working as a Primary School teacher, and she lives within the Marist Young Adult community in Brunswick.

Katharina Weiss

17 May 2007 | Katharina Weiss Katharina is a yoga teacher based in Melbourne, and is a student of Tibetan buddhism. She also has a degree in history, and volunteers with Eureka Street as a proof-reader.

Piaras Jackson SJ

17 May 2007 | Piaras Jackson Piaras Jackson is an Irish Jesuit who works in the Jesuit Communciations Centre in Dublin. He spent a two month internship in Melbourne while studying for an MA in Journalism at Dublin City University.

Mihal Greener

17 May 2007 | Mihal Greener Mihal Greener is a PhD student in politics at Monash University, researching the impact of ethnic lobby groups on US foreign policy.

Juan Garrido-Salgado

17 May 2007 | Juan Garrido-Salgado

In 1990 Juan Garrido-Salgado was granted asylum in Australia after fleeing Chile's Pinochet, where he had been imprisoned and tortured. He has had published three books in Australia and one in Chile.

Phil Glendenning

17 May 2007 | Phil Glendenning Phil Glendenning is the director of the Edmund Rice Centre. He is also the National President of Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation (ANTaR).

Kaylea Fearn

17 May 2007 | Kaylea Fearn kaylea FearnKaylea Fearn is the coordinator of Simply Sharing Week, a joint program of Caritas Australia and the National Council of Churches in Australia commission for Christian World Service.

Veronica Brady IBVM

17 May 2007 | Veronica Brady A Loreto nun, Sister Veronica is emeritus Professor of English at the University of Western Australia who was a member of the inaugural ABC Board in the 1980s.

Joan Healy RSJ

17 May 2007 | Joan Healy Joan Healy is a Josephite sister who has worked in child and family care and with Cambodian refugees. More recently she has cultivated friendships with indigenous Australians in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Kate Mannix

17 May 2007 | Kate Mannix Kate MannixKate Mannix, a former ABC producer who was later foundation editor of Online Catholics, is a consultant to the Sydney-based Climate Institute.

Suzanna Koster

17 May 2007 | Suzanna Koster Suzanna Koster is based in Pakistan and reports for radio, television and newspapers in the Netherlands and one in the United Kingdom. She loves adventure and enjoys incurable curiousity.

Richard White

17 May 2007 | Richard White Richard WhiteRichard White is director of grief counselling at WN Bull Funeral Directors, in Sydney.

Sarah Ferguson

17 May 2007 | Sarah Ferguson

Sarah FergusonSarah Ferguson is a reporter for the Channel 9 Sunday programme. Before joining Sunday, Sarah worked for the SBS programmes Dateline and Insight.

Charles Coppel

17 May 2007 | Charles Coppel Associate Professor Coppel is a Principal Fellow in the Department of History at the University of Melbourne. His publications include the edited volume Violent Conflicts in Indonesia: Analysis, Representation, Resolution (2006).

Maria Takolander

17 May 2007 | Maria Takolander Maria TakolanderMaria Takolander is a Lecturer in Literary Studies at Deakin University. She writes poetry, fiction and essays. She is the author of the critical work Catching Butterflies: Bringing Magical Realism to Ground and the poetry chapbook Narcissism.

Debbie Lustig

17 May 2007 | Debbie Lustig Debbie LustigDebbie contributes to Roomers Magazine. She won the 2005 Glen Eira Council Literary Festival/My Brother Jack Award for poetry.

Scott Stephens

17 May 2007 | Scott Stephens Scott Stephens is a Brisbane author and theologian. He is the co-editor (with Rex Butler) and translator of the two volumes of the selected writings of Slavoj Žižek, Interrogating the Real and The Universal Exception.

Ouyang Yu

17 May 2007 | Ouyang Yu Ouyang YuOuyang Yu is a poet and novelist currently based in China, whose latest publication of poetry is Listening To (Vagabond Press).

Michael Mullins & James Massola

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17 May 2007 | Michael Mullins & James Massola james massola & michael mullinsMichael Mullins and James Massola are the Eureka Street editorial team.

Inna Tsyrlin

17 May 2007 | Inna Tsyrlin Inna Tsyrlin is the current editor of Lot's Wife at Monash University (Clayton), and is completing her bachelor in commerce/economics.

Binoy Kampmark

17 May 2007 | Binoy Kampmark Binoy Kampmark is a Commonwealth Scholar at Selwyn College, Cambridge.

Hilary Reynolds

17 May 2007 | Hilary Reynolds Hilary Reynolds is a Melbourne-based freelance writer and editor. She is currently writing a book about Paul Cox’s films.

Dr Bernard Sabella

17 May 2007 | Bernard Sabella

Dr Bernard SabellaDr Bernard Sabella is Professor of Sociology at Bethlehem University. He received his Ph.D. in Sociology from Viriginia University and is a member of various Palestinian institutions.

Daniel Madigan SJ

17 May 2007 | Daniel Madigan Dan Madigan SJFr Dan Madigan is an Australian Jesuit who is a consultant to the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, and head of the Pontifical Gregorian University's Institute for the Study of Religions and Cultures, which he established in 2002.

Michael Sariban

17 May 2007 | Michael Sariban

Michael SaribanMichael Sariban is a Brisbane poet and reviewer. His most recent collection is Luxuries (Ginninderra Press), and his fifth, The Devil You Know, is nearing completion.

Minh Nguyen

17 May 2007 | Minh Nguyen Minh Nguyen is a researcher at Uniya Jesuit Social Justice Centre and has authored several reports on the human rights situation in the Asia Pacific region.

Tim Martyn

17 May 2007 | Tim Martyn Tim Martyn is currently undertaking a Masters of Science in Development Studies at the London School of Economics. He has just spent three months working on a development project in western province Kenya.

Matthew Smeal

17 May 2007 | Matthew Smeal Matthew Smeal is a Sydney-based freelance photographer and journalist specialising in environmental and humanitarian issues. Matthew can be contacted through his website at www.matthewsmeal.com

Peter Cronau

17 May 2007 | Peter Cronau Peter Cronau has worked as a producer for Media Watch, and a reporter for ABC Radio’s Background Briefing. Since 1998, he has worked as a researcher and producer at ABC TV's Four Corners.

Clive O'Connell

17 May 2007 | Clive O'Connell Clive O'Connell has taught secondary school English for 34 years; currently he lectures in project management and consultancy/business organisation, and also tutors in linguistics. He has been a music and opera critic for 32 years, first for The Australian, and then the Age.

Frank Quinlan

17 May 2007 | Frank Quinlan Frank Quinlan is the Director of Catholic Social Services Australia, the Canberra-based umbrella organisation representing social welfare works of the Catholic Church.


17 May 2007 | B.W.Shearer B.W.Shearer is a Melbourne writer who has been published in the USA, Poland and Australia. A collection of his children's plays, Plays to Value, was published by Curriculum Corporation in 2005.

Will Fraser

17 May 2007 | Will Fraser Will Fraser's poetry has appeared in journals across Australia and in NZ and the UK. His chapbooks, Leema's Llamas (2005) and The Leema Conspiracy (2006) have been published by Picaro Press.

Sam Parisi

17 May 2007 | Sam Parisi Sam Parisi is studying his final semester of an Arts/Law degree at the University of New South Wales. He is currently working on a collection of poems called Pieces of the Hole.

Matthew Arkapaw

17 May 2007 | Matthew Arkapaw Matthew lives in north-west Sydney with his wife and two small children. He works as the minister at a suburban baptist church, and has earned degrees in history and theology. He reads Larkin, Hughes, Williams, etc.

Tim Edwards

17 May 2007 | Tim Edwards Tim Edwards is a Perth poet who has had his work published in a number of Australian literary journals.

Brendan Byrne

17 May 2007 | Brendan Byrne Brendan Byrne spent nearly two decades in the union movement in various capacities. He is undertaking a Bachelor of Theology at the United Faculty of Theology. In addition to interests in philosophy, criminology, and cosmology, he is currently writing a novel.

Andrew West

17 May 2007 | Andrew West

Andrew West teaches journalism at the University of Canberra. A long-time newspaper journalist, he is also the author of two books, the latest being Inside The Lifestyles of the Rich and Tasteful, a look at class and politics in Australia.

Andrew Slattery

17 May 2007 | Andrew Slattery Andrew Slattery is a communications graduate from Newcastle University. His poems have appeared in a number of literary journals, magazines, radio and anthologies. In 2004, Andrew was awarded the Harri Jones Memorial Prize for Poetry.

Kate Middleton

17 May 2007 | Kate Middleton Kate Middleton is a Melbourne writer and musician. Her poems have appeared in Australian newspapers and journals including The Age, Australian Book Review and Heat.

Cameron Fuller

17 May 2007 | Cameron Fuller cameron fullerCameron Fuller has lived in Brisbane, Sydney and Cairns, but keeps returning to Adelaide, where he has done most of his living and writing. His first collection, low background noise, is published in Friendly Street New Poets Eleven.

Joseph Camilleri

17 May 2007 | Joseph Camilleri Joe CamilleriJoseph Camilleri is Professor of International Relations at La Trobe University. He has written and lectured extensively on international relations, governance and globalisation, human rights, North–South relations, international organisations, the United Nations, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Bill Williams

17 May 2007 | Bill Williams Bill WilliamsBill Williams is a doctor on the Victorian surf coast and vice-president of the Medical Association for the Prevention of War. He has had two books published, Kumanjayi's Country, and a book on men's health, Men. He is also an excellent surfer.

Michael Danby

17 May 2007 | Michael Danby Michael DanbyMichael Danby has been Labor Member for Melbourne Ports since 1998. Before his election he was a journalist and editor, ministerial advisor and trade union industrial officer. In Parliament, his main areas of interest have been foreign affairs and national security, human rights, immigration, education, and child care.

Susanne Kennedy

17 May 2007 | Susanne Kennedy Susanne KennedySusanne is a Hobart-based freelance arts and architectural writer and photographer.

Chris Fotinopoulos

17 May 2007 | Chris Fotinopoulos Chris FotinopoulosChris Fotinopoulos is a Melbourne based writer and secondary school teacher. He also teaches ethics at the Monash University Medical School.

Clive Hamilton

17 May 2007 | Clive Hamilton Clive HamiltonClive Hamilton is executive director of The Australia Institute, a private, non-profit think tank in Canberra.

Maria Vamvakinou

17 May 2007 | Maria Vamvakinou Maria Vamvakinou Maria Vamvakinou has been Labor Member for Calwell since 2001. Prior to her election, Maria worked for two State Labor Ministers and a Federal Labor Senator. Her main areas of interest are multiculturalism, human rights, foreign affairs, immigration and social justice.

Ben Coghlan

17 May 2007 | Ben Coghlan Ben CoghlanDr Coghlan is a specialist in applied epidemiology and is currently based at the Burnet Institute in Melbourne. He has been involved extensively in public health work in developing countries, and has worked for a range of organisations including Medecins Sans Frontieres, the International Rescue Committee, and the Australian Red Cross.

Ursula Stephens

17 May 2007 | Ursula Stephens Ursula StephensSenator Dr Ursula Stephens is Parliamentary Secretary for Social Inclusion and the Voluntary Sector.

Terry Monagle

17 May 2007 | Terry Monagle Terry MonagleTerry Monagle is a writer, farmer and public speaker. His website is at http://www.monagle.net.au.

Chris McGillion

17 May 2007 | Chris McGillion

Chris McGillion

Chris McGillion is an expert in both religion and Cuba; he is the religious affairs columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald, and has written and edited a number of books, including Unfinished Business: America and Cuba After the Cold War, 1989-2001; Cuba, the United States, and the Post-Cold War World, and The Chosen Ones: The politics of salvation in the Anglican Church.


Julian Madsen

17 May 2007 | Julian Madsen Julian MadsenJulian Madsen is a writer and researcher with al-Jazeera on Middle Eastern affairs. Having extensive knowledge of Arab culture and the political, social and economic landscape, Julian has lived in Egypt, Syria and Qatar.

Brendan Ryan

17 May 2007 | Brendan Ryan Brendan RyanBrendan Ryan's first collection of poetry, Why I Am Not a Farmer, was published by Five islands Press in 2000. A forthcoming poetry collection with Five Islands Press is due March 2007.

Bryan Pipins

17 May 2007 | Bryan Pipins

Bryan PipinsBryan is a Jesuit from Melbourne who was ordained in 2003. He has worked in East Timor and the Philippines. Last year he was in Darfur, and is presently in Northern Uganda working for the Jesuit Refugee Service.

Hamish Townsend

17 May 2007 | Hamish Townsend

Hamish TownsendHamish Townsend is a Geelong-born freelance writer living in the remote indigenous community of Maningrida in Arnhem Land. In the past year has been published in a variety of publications including The Age, The Australian, Inside Sport and Dazed and Confused.

Meg McNena

17 May 2007 | Meg McNena Meg McNenaMeg McNena is a parent, poet and physiotherapist, and her poetry litters journals and Melbourne readings. Three of her plays have been performed, including Yellowing with Women Working in Theatre.

Cally Cowan

17 May 2007 | Cally Cowan Cally CowanCally works as a case manager in foster care with child protection clients. She also spends much time doodling, designing cards for weddings, birthdays … and when feeling perplexed by humanity she draws the odd cartoon for your enjoyment. Click here to see the archive of her cartoons for Eureka Street.

Jonathan Hill

17 May 2007 | Jonathan Hill

Jonathan HillJonathan is a qualified teacher who was based in Ngukurr late last year, and Minyerri for the first two terms of this year. He has also worked as a boarding school supervisor in Darwin, with teenage boys from remote communities. In Sydney, he has worked with urban Aboriginies, facilitating an after school activities program at The Block in Redfern. He was last year's winner of Eureka Street's Margaret Dooley Award for Young Writers.

Angelica Hannan

17 May 2007 | Angelica Hannan

Angelica HannanAngelica Hannan is a tutor in the Discipline of Government & International Relations at the University of Sydney, and a full-time secondary English teacher. She hopes to commence a PhD candidature in the near future exploring the relationship between the "Global North" and "Global South" and the importance of education in alleviating world poverty.

Christine Kearney

17 May 2007 | Christine Kearney

Christine KearneyChristine Kearney is a freelance writer who has worked in East Timor and Indonesia. She is currently based in Canberra.


Abraham Rushdi

17 May 2007 | Abraham Rushdi

Abraham RushdiAbraham has converted to Islam. He has an honours degree in politics from Monash University.


Ben Fraser

17 May 2007 | Ben Fraser Ben FraserBen Fraser is an aid worker who has worked and written from Pakistan, Indonesia Afghanistan and Sudan.

Robert Hefner

17 May 2007 | Robert Hefner

Bob HefnerRobert Hefner is a former Acting Editor and Assistant Editor of Eureka Street. He was Literary Editor of The Canberra Times from 1988 to 2000 and currently works as a freelance writer and sub-editor at The Age newspaper.


Richard Mulgan

17 May 2007 | Richard Mulgan

Richard MulganRichard Mulgan is a director and lecturer at the Crawford School of Economics and Government at the Australian National University.

Jan Forrester

17 May 2007 | Jan Forrester

Jan ForresterJan Forrester is a freelance journalist and media consultant who has worked in radio in metropolitan and regional Australia and in press, media training and consultancy in South East Asia. She was a member of the National Indigenous TV Committee, a voluntary group tasked by the Minister for Communications, Information Telecommunications and Arts, with implementing the establishment of a National Indigenous Television service.


Georgina Pike

17 May 2007 | Georgina Pike

Georgina PikeGeorgina Pike is the Information and Advocacy Officer for the Jesuit Refugee Service (Australia). Her work involves project development, communications, publications and advocacy on policy issues that affect asylum seekers in Australia. She has studied English Literature and Law and lives in Sydney.



Paul Collins

Paul Collins

Paul collins headshotPaul Collins is an historian, broadcaster and writer. The author of 13 books, his most recent is The Birth of the West (2013). He is well known as a commentator on Catholicism and the papacy and has also written about the environment and population.

Bruno de Paiva

Bruno de Paiva Bruno de Paiva Bruno de Paiva is a Perth writer. He has written for Fork!, electiontracker.com.au and 3rd Degree.

John Langmore

John Langmore John LangmoreJohn Langmore is a Professorial Fellow at the University of Melbourne and National President of the UN Association of Australia. He was formerly a Labor MP and then a Director in the UN Secretariat in New York. email

Sara Niner

Sara Niner Sara NinerDr Sara Niner is a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Arts Faculty at Monash University. She is the editor of To Resist is to Win: the Autobiography of Xanana Gusmão with selected letters and speeches. Her new research into women and handcrafts in East Timor is available here and here.

Susie Byers

Susie Byers Susie ByersSusie Byers has worked as a welfare rights advocate and tenants advocate at a community legal centre in Perth. She is currently researching a PhD in History at the University of Western Australia and is co-authoring a chapter of the forthcoming history of UWA.

Paul Smyth

Paul Smyth Paul SmythPaul Smyth is coordinator of the Masters of Social Policy program at the University of Melbourne. He was Director of Social Policy in the School of Social Work and Social Policy at the University of Queensland, and senior researcher at Uniya social research and action centre in Sydney.

Helen Ting

Helen Ting Helen TingHelen Ting completed a PhD in political science at the Institut d'études politiques de Paris. She is currently based in Kuala Lumpur ahead of taking up an appointment at the Institute of Malaysian and International Studies (IKMAS) of the National University of Malaysia (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia).

Jen Vuk

Barry Gittins and Jen Vuk

Jen VukEureka Street columnist Jen Vuk is a freelance writer and editor whose work has appeared in The Herald Sun, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, The Age and The Good Weekend.

Peter Kirkwood

Peter Kirkwood

Peter Kirkwood headshotPeter Kirkwood was the producer of Eureka Street TV from 2009 to 2012. He is a freelance writer and video consultant with a master's degree from the Sydney College of Divinity.

Tony Kevin

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Tony Kevin

Tony Kevin headshotTony Kevin is a former Australian ambassador to Cambodia and Poland, and the author of Crunch Time, a book exploring Australia's inadequate policy responses to the climate change crisis. His most recent book is Reluctant Rescuers (2012). His previous publication on refugee boat tragedy — A Certain Maritime Incident — was the recipient of a NSW Premier's literary award in 2005.

Peter Thomas

Peter Thomas

Peter Thomas headshotPeter Thomas is the voice of Eureka Street Radio. An accomplished broadcaster and television filmmaker, Peter has produced documentaries, typically social justice, spirituality and inter-faith features for Australian and overseas networks, including ABC-TV and SBS. His Eureka Street podcast contribution is a return to his broadcast roots having worked as a radio and television announcer in many parts of Australia. In retirement he has an involvement in community radio and a strong interest in meditation, conducting frequent workshops and training programs.