May 2004

01 May 2004

May 2004 Eureka Street


Medicare minus

22 May 2006 | Francis Sullivan MedicarePlus passed through parliament in early March.  Rather than easing the financial burden on average working families, closer examination reveals the policy leads to the creation of poverty traps.

Easy relations

22 May 2006 | Jack Waterford John Howard and Alexander Downer do Australia no favours in suggesting that to place Australia’s interests ahead of those of the United States, is proof of anti-Americanism or unsound policy.

Power of persuasion

22 May 2006 | Kent Rosenthal Elections in El Salvador


Unsettled city

22 May 2006 | Ben Fraser Life in Kabul.


From pieces to peace

22 May 2006 | Matthew Albert Democracy in South Africa


Letter from James

22 May 2006 | Andrew Hamilton Football teams, empires and prime ministers rise and fall but, it is said, God’s word abides forever. True, but the books of scripture themselves also rise and fall in popularity.


Laser zone

22 May 2006 | Tim Thwaites Australians have been brilliant at ideas, and poor at using them to practical purposes. In our rush to generate a more productive research culture, we must guard against cutting off the well-spring of ideas.


Winds of change

22 May 2006 | Brian Matthews Towards the end of a bleak, mid-February Friday, the wind started to groan through the narrow, village streets. Shutters creaked and in the valley below a filmy curtain materialised over the vines and blurred the outlines of the farmhouses.


Gangsters, bishops, letters and tea pots

22 May 2006 | Eureka Street

Terms of endearment. Smashing idea. Back in the saddle.

Letter from a Chinese restaurant

22 May 2006 | Michael McGirr Michael McGirr farewells Alistair Cooke.


Doing the Housework with Brother Lawrence | Blue

22 May 2006 | Paul Mitchell, Judith Bishop Poetry by Paul Mitchell & Judith Bishop


The voices of the silenced

22 May 2006 | Anthony Ham Anthony Ham looks at the national and international legacy of the bombings in Madrid.

Legal eagle

22 May 2006 | Kate Stowell ‘Let us be absolutely clear about this: Australia treats asylum seekers abominably—we imprison them indefinitely, we torment them, we are willing to return them to torture or death’


The strength of diversity

22 May 2006 | Joanna Leonard The move to private education is not always what parents might hope.


Grand masters

22 May 2006 | Don Gazzard Don Gazzard on Bellini, the architect for the re-design of the NGV.


Dark visions

22 May 2006 | Michael Magnusson Michael Magnusson and Caravaggio.


Dear Class

22 May 2006 | Chris Wallace-Crabbe Poem by Chris Wallace-Crabbe


Guerrilla to President: Xanana Gusmão

22 May 2006 | Sara Niner This year’s May anniversary of independence for Timor Leste is Xanana Gusmão’s second as President and the country’s fifth as a free territory. Sara Niner looks at the current political machinations.


View from within

22 May 2006 | Tom Mann Educator Tom Mann recalls his experiences of working with children in detention


Felicity in love

22 May 2006 | Mary Manning Mary Manning interviews English novelist Salley Vickers.


Religious freedom

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22 May 2006 | Juliette Hughes Juliette Hughes interviews Fr Joseph Nguyen Cong Doan SJ.

Soaring angels

22 May 2006 | Anna Griffiths Anna Griffiths marvels at the beauty of Los Angeles’ Our Lady Queen of the Angels Cathedral.


Richer or poorer

22 May 2006 | Michael Furtado Michael Furtado on public money and private schools.


The good people of Young

22 May 2006 | Juliette Hughes This story of one asylum seeker portrays the best and worst in our nature.

The Irish legacy

22 May 2006 | Stephen Holt Stephen Holt reviews Michael Gilchrist’s Wit and Wisdom: Daniel Mannix

On record

22 May 2006 | Andrew Hamilton Andrew Hamilton critiques Robert Manne’s Quarterly Essay, Sending them Home: Refugees and the new politics of indifference.

Cultural rites

22 May 2006 | Beth Doherty Beth Doherty reviews Safiya Hussaini Tungar Tudu’s I, Safiya.

Film reviews

22 May 2006 | Morag Fraser, Siobhan Jackson, Allan James Thomas Reviews of the films Monster, The Cat in the Hat, The Barbarian Invasions, and Capturing the Friedmans.

Territorial television

22 May 2006 | Juliette Hughes I’m fine now, really. The nightmares are receding, the rash is responding to aromatherapy and I’ve cut back the shrink to once a day.