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Why coal is not good for humanity

20 October 2014 | Bronwyn Lay

Anti-coal protesterThe French social scientist Bruno Latour referred to the 'uniquely Australian strategy of voluntary sleepwalking towards catastrophe'. His view conflicts with that of our prime minister, who said last week that coal is good for humanity. Abbott's thinking forgets that humanity lives within the earth's critical zone, a home that's not looking so good for humanity.

Quality childcare an investment in the future

16 October 2014 | Lin Hatfield Dodds

Father and sonChildren of the 1980s are likely to have been cared for full-time by a parent. But most of them are now combining parenting with paid employment as they become parents today. The Productivity Commission has been asked to make childcare and early learning services affordable and flexible, to ensure children don't get in the way of workforce participation. But the other priority, which is perhaps easier to ignore, has to do with the quality of care and learning offered. 

Who will feel better after Medibank privatisation?

12 October 2014 | David James

Medibank Private advertisingFederal Finance Minister Mathias Cormann announced 'the scoping study found no evidence that premiums would increase as a result of the sale' of Medibank Private. But the sale is being presented as a way to make the fund more efficient. If successful, Medibank Private will become even more dominant than it is at present and there will be pressure to raise premiums to achieve its purpose of keeping shareholders happy.

Rise of the corporate cowboys

28 September 2014 | Tony Smith

Corporate CowboyUnfortunately, when people pin their hopes for a just and fair society to a corporation, they can be sadly disappointed. A spate of deaths around the country suggests that many corporations have plenty of power to influence governments to produce policies and legislation convenient for their operations, but fail to take responsibility for their bad outcomes, which include deaths in workplaces.

The sport of German-baiting during World War I

24 September 2014 | Bruce Pennay

Walla Walla Roll of Honor

Harry Paech's Great War shows why Australians have been reluctant to give government the authority to arrest on suspicion, even in times of peril. In the midst of talk in 1914 of atrocities committed by the fiendish Huns against Belgian nuns and babies, the president of Hume Shire in southern NSW was determined to show that the district's German settlers were as patriotic as any Australians. 

An opportunity to invest in Australia's needy

01 July 2014 | Lin Hatfield Dodds

Boy in wheelchairAustralia's welfare system was designed for an era where men were the breadwinners and women worked outside the home only until marriage. Australia is a different place now, and the McClure review is an opportunity to update and simplify the system. But it must not confuse short-term cost-cutting with efficiency.

Scott Morrison's war

21 January 2014 | Fiona Katauskas

In Fiona Katauskas' cartoon 'Scott Morrison's war', a woman and child peruse the 'Great Australian Hall of Shame' and pause by a statue of Scott Morrison, as the woman announces 'And this one's from the war on asylum seekers'

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Best of 2013: Australia's disgusting politics

06 January 2014 | Moira Rayner

Julia Gillard looks reflectiveGillard is the most prominent woman in our country. She has been repeatedly humiliated, disparaged and ridiculed for that very reason. We may criticise her decisions, but always aware of the context in which they were made, which is dangerously toxic. Her courage under pressure is astonishing, but we ought to despair at her party which is willing itself into annihilation by adding more poison.

Abbott's Christmas present

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17 December 2013 | Fiona Katauskas

In Fiona Katauskas' cartoon 'Abbott's Christmas present', Santa instructs his elves to 'cancel the order for red speedos and a new bike' after reading the newspaper headline 'North Poll: Abbott naughty not nice'

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Farewell, Mandela

10 December 2013 | Fiona Katauskas

In Fiona Katauskas' cartoon 'Farewell, Mandela', Nelson Mandela being received at the gates of heaven

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