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    Keeping an eye on our behaviour

    • Tim Thwaites
    • 10 July 2006

    Warnings are more effective if accompanied by a photo of someone watching you.  Maybe this reflects our human evolution.  But if we are to talk sensibly about human evolution, we need a more sophisticated understanding of it than commonly prevails.


    Surviving Africa

    • Peter Browne
    • 04 July 2006

    A remarkably peaceful change of government in Kenya could significantly improve the lives of refugees in the country’s remote camps. But Australia and other western countries must play a part.


    Nuclear Expansion: politics and deeper issues

    • Paul Osborne
    • 29 May 2006
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    Paul Osborne asks:  Should we export uranium at all? Should we lock up the reserves and declare Australia nuclear free - setting an example to the rest of the world? What is Australia's moral responsibility when a country suddenly turns around and wants to use material from nuclear processes, fuelled by Australian uranium, for weapons?


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