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  • The spirit of Redfern's Ted Kennedy a decade on

    • Frank Brennan
    • 24 May 2015

    There are many things different from Ted's day, but he would have spoken of them without fear or compromise. A pope from the South who asks 'Who am I to judge?'; a 62 per cent Irish people's vote in favour of expanding the definition of civil marriage;  the long awaited beatification of Oscar Romero whose identification with the poor did not win immediate Vatican approval; the call by civic leaders for an Australian cardinal to return home and answer questions posed by a royal commission; and the election of a black US president.


    Toxic economies in history

    • Thomas Sullivan
    • 29 May 2009

    In the 16th century, following its conquest of Latin America, Spain drained the area of its gold and silver. One might suspect that this windfall turned Spain into an economic powerhouse. But some funny things happened when the easy money arrived.


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