Hot body

'Half-awake at 5 a.m.…'

Half-awake at 5 a.m. –


to the intermittent conversations
of a softly spoken rain.

— Thom Sullivan


He leers at me with every turn
of his head.
Had I his manners, I'd cut him

Marisa Wikramanayake

Bits and pieces

The sun is a hot body
It warmly makes love to me

The soldier outside the academy winks at me
As I soldier on

— Isabella Fels

clouded haiku

today's clouded sky
is a gauze bandage
to heal this infection

— Tim Heffernan

Kottis Ottily

the great hero
they named it after
the branch library

superb with the lame
till our face falls off

— Christopher Mulrooney

My Life in a Rhyming Couplet

Rejection, fear and loneliness, pursued me in my prime,
My pain was transferred to a pen, thus began my life of rhyme.

— Damian Balassone


On a college notice-board a sign:
The swans play jazz when you are not looking.

— Gwynith Young

ever after

this once upon a time rain,
spattering louvres,
calling up hours musty and

troubled, a dog-eared fable
propping afternoon,
ink running ever after

— Kevin Gillam


the green parrot
in the red bottlebrush

along a side street
where the railway line

curves towards the city
we cling to this edge

& wait for the train
in uniforms of weary transfer

remembering the green parrot
in the red bottlebrush

— Rory Harris

Two Tanka

my lord, my peace
I long for you--
in these familiar places
in all the absent faces
I look for you

driving through
deeply shaded avenues
pockets of truth
shadow-hidden between
bright shards of sunlight

— Julie Thorndyke



Ten Short PoemsThom Sullivan is a 27-year-old poet living in the Adelaide Hills. His first collection - Airborne - was published earlier this year by Friendly Street Poets Inc.


Marisa Wikramanayake is a Perth based freelance writer and editor. Her first book of poetry, published when she was 17, was a finalist for the 2001 Gratiaen Awards.

Ten Short PoemsIsabella Fels is a Melbourne writer who has suffered from schizophrenia for over 10 years. She has an Arts degree majoring in Psychology and Spanish from Swinburne University.

Ten Short PoemsTim Heffernan is has been published online at OZpoet, Poets Union, Thylazine and Cordite.

Christopher Mulrooney, who lives in Los Angeles, California, has written poems and translations in Zoland Poetry, The Hollins Critic, H_NGM_N, Knock and Eclipse, criticism in Elimae, The Film Journal and Parameter, and a volume of verse called notebook and sheaves.

Damian Balassone is a poet from Templestowe, Vic.

Ten Short PoemsKevin Gillam is a West Australian writer with work published in numerous Australian and overseas journals. His two published books of poetry are Other Gravities (2003) and Permitted To Fall (2007), both by SunLine Press.

Ten Short PoemsRory Harris is a poet and teacher. His poetry collections include Over the Outrow, From the Residence, Snapshots From a Moving Train, 16 poems, and Uncle Jack and Other Poems.

Julie Thorndyke lives in Castle Hill, NSW.

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