My Australian Father of the Year

  • 01 February 2007

Geoff Richardson writes:

A retiring Shane Warne was in the mix. The Pigeon, Glen McGrath, was also a possibility. Captain Courageous, Ricky Ponting must have gone close. We treasure those Ashes after all and all three worked extremely hard against an underpowered opposition who nevertheless battled courageously to resist the inevitable. Our boys efforts over many long, hot days to bring The Ashes 'home' are to be applauded.

But no, my 2006 Australian Father of the Year is not a cricketer. However, he also has been working hard to effect a repatriation; that of his son David from the Most Powerful Nation On Earth's gulag, Guantanamo Bay.

Of course that man is Terry Hicks.

No son could have asked for a more courageous and dedicated Father who for five long, gruelling years has battled to save his son from the tortures that are been inflicted upon him daily by the cowardly, but unfortunately all-powerful, Neo-Cons in the Whitehouse who never put themselves on the frontline but instead send others’ boys to do their dirty work.

Well played, Terry.



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I can't help hear in the story of Tery and David Hicks echoes of stories from the Gospel.

Terry Hicks has a son who went away to live his life and make his mark on the world. David's path took him to several places of conflict and finally as a prisoner to Guantanamo Bay.

Patiently, Terry has gone looking for his lost son, seeking ways to have him released from inhuman detention. Patiently, also, he waits for his son's homecoming.

Terry's action has drawn many of us into sympathy with him and his family, and others into solidarity and compassionate action to gain David a fair trial and justice. He will not rest till there is a just solution for his son.

I believe that as always there are many other young men and women who have taken their leave from family and friends to find their way in the world. Some will make their fortune, others will find themselves in hard places, unable to find a way out.

Terry Hicks shows us Australians (and US citizens also) how a parent deals with their child in trouble. He is unlikely to be officially recognised as Australian of the Year, but his name and his actions are known to parents and families throughout the country. He is part of our Australian history.

I sincerely hope that the time is not far off when this good father and mother will have their son restored to them.

Alex Nelson
Alex Nelson | 06 February 2007

Terry Hicks should be nominated father of criminal of the year, or just simply fool of the year, he wants his son back that doesnt make his son innocent.
Michael | 20 May 2007

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