Everything has its own colour

These five poems were written by students of the Fitzroy Community School in Melbourne. They were amongst the many submitted to the Dorothea MacKellar Poetry Awards, the oldest and largest annual national poetry competition in Australia. This year's subject was Colour.

Colourful Life
When a clear, blue sky
Meets a deep, blue sea,
An endless margin
Keeps them apart.
Both are filled with colour and life.
The sea is full of colourful fish:
Angelfish, multi-coloured crabs,
Soft, grey sharks - dangerous and feared by all.
The sky is full of different birds:
Bright pink flamingos, rainbow parrots,
Majestic brown eagles,
Tiny black swallows, migrating south in winter,
And irritating seagulls.
Everything has its own colour.
My favourite colour is blue.

Emma Lightfoot (Age 10)

A Colourful Dog
It's got all the different colors in the world.
Its tail is yellow.
His paws are black.
His legs are pink.
His body is every colour.
His head is grey
His eyes are grey.
All of his head is grey
Except his nose.
His nose is orange.
His bark is green and red.
His collar is every colour.
His name is Barkly Dog
He lives in a forest,
Where there are lots of vines and that stuff.
There were even dinosaurs in that forest once.
They were all the same colours as the dog.

Zak Aldenhoven (Age 5)

White to Blue to Pink to Night
A white piece of paper,
Fluttering in the breeze,
Floating across the blue sky,
Like the name tag across
My sky-blue apron
I wear to work.
You know the one,
With pink poppies on the back;
The ones that look as if they are
Pink clouds at sunset,
Fading away into the night.

Sam Neesham (Age 12)

My favourite colours were blue and green.
Green poison burns the glass
Green traffic lights change all the time
Blue is a sea wave
Blue is on the computer when it's loading
Now red is my favourite colour
Sometimes I have three or more favourite colours,
But usually two.
One of my favourite colours is white.
White is the colour of the snow
I have never seen snow
But I have seen hail
I love hail
Sometimes you see through it,
It is like the colour of the air.
On the ground it is white
I like to eat hail.

Sunny Chiron (Age 7)

Orange is opposite to blue.
Blue is kindness, blue is faith.
Blue is a tall, smoky wraith,
Haunting the house, and yelling 'Boo!"
Orange is sweet, orange is wroth,
Orange is a thin, soft, silk cloth.
When you put these colours together on a page,
You think of blue as softness,
You think of orange as rage.

Estelle Morrissey (Age 10)



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Wonderful and whimsical. Some real talent!
Theo Dopheide | 04 October 2007

Astounded by the beauty and insight from these young and talented children. So wonderful to read.
Brian Wing | 05 October 2007

Nice E.C
Joe Morrissey | 12 October 2007

tahryn | 24 June 2009


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