Let's be realistic about New Media

  • 01 February 2007
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Joan Modder writes:

I think we have to deal wih the reality of the new media - the internet. Having Eureka Steet on line is a plus for me. Yes, of course the blogs etc are abused in the sense that they are used to express a person's bias. But also can be used to express a passionate belief in justice. For example, I think what is important is teaching people how to assess the truth of what they read on the internet. How to think, in fact.



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I actually think Eureka Street made a mistake by making it an online publication only. There is something very casual about the online medium which sometimes leads to a lowering of standards. If something is in print it is, in a sense, formally "celebrated" and has a life of its own: people are also a little more careful about what they say in print. It is much easier for information to get lost on the internet. I think people are forgetting about the joy of stumbling across information in the library. Serendipity is a good thing. Online communities are no substitute for human interaction and reflective thinking, a point increasingly lost in our "online" culture.
Lyndon Megarrity | 02 February 2007


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