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Social change based on the 'view from below'

John Falzon | 22 December 2010

Dorothy Day

Dylan Thomas wrote that 'A good poem helps to change the shape of the universe.' Our 'good poem' is the listening to, and learning from, the people on the margins. But it will only be a 'good poem' if these whispers are translated into collective action.

Condoms only a possible first step to AIDS prevention

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Paterne Mombe | 26 November 2010

Women holding handsPope Benedict XVI acknowledges the relative moral value of a prostitute showing concern for protecting others by using condoms. But it is far from being sufficient. For him, it is not really the way to promote HIV prevention. One would say: the finality does not justify the means.

Challenging Frank Brennan on gay marriage

Rodney Croome | 26 November 2010

Women holding handsI'd hoped a reformer and humanist like Frank Brennan would understand that in this world of disposable relationships, valuing love, commitment and inclusion must be our paramount goal. Instead, he has reverted to orthodoxy when confronted with a change that troubles his Catholic conscience. 

Thirty years of Jesuit Refugee Service

Mark Raper | 17 November 2010

ServirMay I tell you about one refugee whom I met during the 20 years I lived and worked JRS? The story has no happy outcome, indeed far from it. But it may help to communicate some of the feelings that inspire many who accompany the refugees.

Resisting the duty to die

John Kleinsman | 21 September 2010The debate about euthanasia arises only in certain societies that see the world as belonging to those who are independent, strong and productive. In a society in which the sick, dying, disabled and elderly are undervalued, the 'right' to die will all too quickly become a 'duty' to die.