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Asylum seekers are not criminals

Sacha Bermudez-Goldman | 21 April 2009Boat peopleIf we regard asylum seekers as illegals who burn boats to force themselves on us, we might choose to close our doors to them. Rather than criminals, we should regard them as human beings in great need, deserving our respect and compassion.

Refugee crisis requires international effort

David Holdcroft | 21 April 2009Indochinese RefugeesDuring the Indochinese crisis, the Fraser Government engaged in a policy of cooperation with other countries in the region. More than a million people were moved, and the boat people phenomenon in Australia ceased for nearly ten years.

Forward with fairness for asylum seeker policy

Kerry Murphy | 17 April 2009Refugee BoatThe tragic death of several asylum seekers on a boat while being towed to Christmas Island again shows the dangers for people coming to Australia by boat. But it does not justify a return to the harsh policies of the past.

Letter from Zimbabwe

Oskar Wermter | 30 January 2009A young man, well educated, with several diplomas in his pocket, pestered me about getting funds to do a course in South Africa. Not because he needs that course, but merely to get out of Zimbabwe. The rats are leaving the ship.

Resisting the duty to die

John Kleinsman | 21 September 2010The debate about euthanasia arises only in certain societies that see the world as belonging to those who are independent, strong and productive. In a society in which the sick, dying, disabled and elderly are undervalued, the 'right' to die will all too quickly become a 'duty' to die.