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  • 13 July 2007
To my Jesuit confreres at Eureka Street,

After a year of protest at the cessation of print publication of Eureka Street I wish to announce that I have finally subscribed again on line.

I am therefore taking advantage or this new communication medium to clog your email and congratulate you and the Order generally in an unprecedented achievement whereby a past pupil fo St Ignatius Riverview and Tiwi Islander, Malcolm Lynch, should play his first AFL match Darwin with none other than the Western Bulldogs.

Who would ever have believed it. Riverview has hit the sporting headlines! And er the great Ted Whitten himself 'Mr Football and allumnus of CBC Yarraville', was for many years an annual visitor or to the Tiwi Island AFL premiership - an event which has festival status across the NT Top End.

Cause for celebrations all around. "C'arn the Doggies - and even better as Ted would say 'we stuck it up 'em' "

Denis "NB" Quinn



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