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Would you like to write for Eureka Street?

We ask for articles of 700-800 words. Articles should provide humane, ethical analysis or commentary on politics, culture or current events in Australia or the world. Please familiarise yourself with our content to get an idea of the kind of articles that will interest us. Payment for freelancers is $200 per article, paid for exclusive first publication rights. Articles should not be submitted simultaneously to Eureka Street and other publications. 

We like to receive submissions with: 

1. As little formatting as possible (no indents or double spacing). 
2. Single spacing after full stops. 
3. 'Single' quotation marks. 
4. A little background information. 
5. A brief bio.
6. A kind word.

The Editor has final say on all submissions.

Email submissions to submissions@eurekastreet.com.au

All poetry should be sent to poetry@eurekastreet.com.au. Poets receive a share of $50 allocated for poetry each week.



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Both as an educator and more recently, as a registered nurse, I have been working on and off in Tanzania up until December 2012. Between 1981 – 1987 I taught at Marangu Teachers’ College on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. In 1981, via their Embassy in Dar es Salaam, five young North Koreans were sent there to learn English. At the time I was largely ignorant of the deep political tensions which existed between North and South Korea and the United States. However, as North Korea has most recently propelled itself to the forefront of global unease, the paradoxes which arose during my time with the students continue to reverberate within me.

Cynthia Mchawala 17 May 2013