Eureka Street presents: Dissent Within


How are we to engage with views that we disagree with, when they are held by groups that we are part of or that are part of us? In this special episode of ChatterSquare, we present 'Dissent Within', the Eureka Street panel at the 2017 Melbourne Writers Festival.

Dr Naama Carlin and Angus McLeay talk about their encounters with people who challenged their long-held assumptions. They also reflect on the distance required to see one's privilege, and why hope is radical.

Naama is an Israeli-Australian academic who is against the Occupation of Palestinian territories. Angus is an Anglican minister from an evangelical background who supports same-sex marriage. Both have found that basic tenets of faith can reconcile tensions between loyalty and integrity.

This event was chaired by Eureka Street editor Tim Kroenert, with thanks to the Melbourne Writers Festival for the recording.

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Fatima MeashamFatima Measham is a Eureka Street consulting editor. She co-hosts the ChatterSquare podcast, tweets as @foomeister and blogs on Medium.

Topic tags: Tim Kroenert, Naama Carlin, Angus McLeay, marriage equality, Israel, Palestine



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