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'Eureka — I have found it!'  | 

'The exultant cry of 'eureka'. A way, a public road in a city or town, a path to a rebellion. A way of questioning, a place of discovery, a distinctly Australian forum for conversation and new ideas. There are many paths, but there is only one Eureka Street.'

Eureka Street is a publication of the Australian Jesuits. It existed as a monthly, and briefly bi-monthly, print magazine for 16 years, commencing in March 1991. Today it exists as a vibrant online journal of analysis, commentary and reflection on current issues in the worlds of politics, religion and culture. It aims to participate in public discussion and influence public opinion regarding the Things That Matter in Australia and the world.

Mission & Spirit of Eureka Street

As a publication of the Australian Jesuits, Eureka Street is informed by the values of Jesuit spirituality and in particular the principles of Catholic Social Teaching. It sits comfortably in the tradition of Catholic publishing for a public audience epitomised by Dorothy Day and The Catholic Worker. Its audience includes not only Christian readers but readers of all religions or none, who share or may be enhanced by the values and respect for the flourishing of human dignity that underpin all Eureka Street articles. As such it sees itself as a peer of such publications as Crikey, The Age/Sydney Morning Herald and the ABC's online publications, albeit offering a distinctively Christian values-based alternative to these secular publications.



For much of its life as a print magazine, Eureka Street was edited by the renowned Melbourne writer and critic Morag Fraser. Current editor Michael Mullins has a long career in broadcasting and online media. He oversaw the magazine's transition from print to online in 2006 and is the main visionary behind its ongoing online evolution.

Eureka Street has always valued quality writing and thought leadership from its contributors. Notable contributors to Eureka Street include:

Frank Brennan
Jack Waterford
Greg Baum
Margaret Simons
Moira Rayner
Paul Collins
Ray Cassin
Andrew Hamilton
Kristina Keneally
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Publication & Contact Details

Eureka Street is published daily online by Jesuit Communications Australia, 20 The Vaucluse, Richmond 3121.

Postal address: PO Box 553, Richmond 3121.

Telephone 1300 72 88 46, Fax (03) 9421 9600, email: eureka@eurekastreet.com.au

ISSN 1833-7724.

Responsibility for editorial content is accepted by the publisher.

If you wish to submit an article to Eureka Street please visit our Submissions GatewayUnsolicited manuscripts will not be returned. 

Requests for permission to reprint material from the website and specific editions should be addressed to eureka@eurekastreet.com.au

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