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Crown of Thorns
Euphorbia spenden

Out from white bricks of the church
at the junction of orange clay
and a neglected border garden
its spines strike
into the blue hot afternoon
and where the leaves fall away
insignificant but showy bracts
of small red flowers
like an irritation of blood spots
on an altogether
almost perfect autumn afternoon.

–Jeff Guess


the blanket grey
overcast frayed ends

with a little light
to bring the sun

through thin threads
as a sewing needle

would patch up
the whole of the sky

before the next storm
while a village of washing

is hung out to dry

–Rory Harris

Wouldn't write about it

They say I didn't write them
Didn't put quill to parchment
Neither poem nor play
Just played the occasional
Small role, a bit of business
Here, a marriage there
Yet remembered forever as
A literary genius
Wouldn't write about it

–Bruce Shearer

denied sap and sun

denied sap and sun
puckered skin in puddle
winter's orange

–Kevin Gillam

rainy, hail, thirteen

rainy, hail, thirteen

— Flinders Street under the clocks —

six missing persons

–Ann Healey


My vision is intense
Sometimes frightening
But also as soft
As pale blue lightning
Which touches your lids
In an ultimate caress
Of sorrow
And wonder

–James Waller


My head in the tutu
inserting layers
of purple between white.
A Degas
or a bridal fitting.
A daughter,
a mother,
a mother just gone,
metres of tulle,
pins in my mouth.
I remember how
at times of tulle and dreams,
pinned to our roles,
we rub scars into each other.
How words prick.
Tears fall into the tulle.
Without a word
she holds me.

–Josephine A. Clarke

The Feminist Eunuch

What is Germaine to her personality?
Her Catholic childhood I fear,
The Virgin Mary.

–James Morris

The Professor and the Pentecostal

The Professor and the Pentecostal,
_____Who was right and who was wrong?
One was a sceptic, the other an apostle,
_____One wrote essays, the other sang songs.

The Atheist and the Believer,
_____ Who was sane and who was mad?
One was honest, the other a deceiver,
_____One was joyful, the other was sad.

The Artist and the Accountant,
_____Who was fake and who was real?
One was employed, the other redundant,
_____One crushed snakes, the other bit heels.

–Damian Balassone

Arvo Part

This is the music ice makes

as it thaws and trickles

coldness bumping coldness

that gives away such needlepoints

of light

so that after all

the winter dark can be fathomed

and climbed from

a music that accumulates

builds out of air

until finally


nothing else is there.

–Shane McCauley

Jeff GuessJeff Guess is a poet from Gawler, SA. He teaches English in country and metropolitan secondary schools, 'Writing Poetry' at the Adelaide Institute of TAFE, and tutors at the University of South Australia. He has had eight collections published, the most recent being Winter Grace.

Rory Harris Rory Harris is a poet and teacher. His poetry collections include Over the Outrow, From the Residence, Snapshots From a Moving Train, 16 poems, and Uncle Jack and Other Poems.

Bruce Shearer B.W.Shearer is a Melbourne writer who has been published in the USA, Poland and Australia. A collection of his children's plays, Plays to Value, was published by Curriculum Corporation in 2005.

Kevin Gillam Kevin Gillam is a West Australian writer with work published in numerous Australian and overseas journals. His two published books of poetry are Other Gravities (2003) and Permitted To Fall (2007), both by SunLine Press.

Ann Healey Ann L. Healey has published in poeticdiversity, Spindrift, Centauria, Poetry Monash and others. She attends yoga classes and works as a trade union organiser. All of this happens in Melbourne. Her web page is Butterfly Pose.

Jamaes WallerJames Waller is a painter, poet and sculptor based in Melbourne, Australia.


Josephine ClarkeJosephine Clarke came to writing through the short story. An active member of Out of the Asylum (OOTA) Writers' Group, she has recently ventured into poetry. She has been published in indigo, the new journal of West Australian writing.

James Morris is a poet based in Bangkok.

Damian Balassone is a poet from Templestow, Vic.

Shane McCauley Shane McCauley is a Perth poet. His published poetry collections include The Chinese Feast, Deep-Sea Diver and The Butterfly Man.

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Oh! Josephine,

You also had me crying around the pins of life. I try to hold them gently, but at time I find I bite hard and hurt everyone. Thank you for these wonderful images
Meg Orton | 29 August 2008

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