January - February 2006

01 January 2006


Burma’s hidden diaspora

21 April 2006 | Ron Browning Hope emerges for the Karen people forced to flee Burma for refugee camps just over the border in Thailand.


Tensions mount in Sri Lanka

21 April 2006 | Jon Greenaway

 A few months’ peace in the wake of the tsunami was shattered by an assassin’s bullet.


Another African tragedy

21 April 2006 | Dorothy Horsfield

For this peace prize winner, northern Uganda is the worst place on earth to be a child today.



The silent summer

21 April 2006 | Alison Aprhys

Alison Aprhys on the role of a free press in a democratic society.



Beyond the Troubles

21 April 2006 | Hugh Dillon

Hardliners remain at daggers drawn, but their relevance is fading as Ireland embraces globalisation.

Trust me

21 April 2006 | Jack Waterford

John Howard has a new pitch to the public on nearly everything, but particularly on national security and industrial relations: Trust me.


Magnificent mare

21 April 2006 | Peter Pierce Dream run for Makybe Diva

Who's watching?

21 April 2006 | Robert Hefner

Comment by Robert Hefner.

Sniffing at tragedy

21 April 2006 | Graham Ring

Aboriginal communities across central Australia, struggling with the scourge of petrol sniffing, have been told it’s their problem—fix it.


The Pepysian paradox

21 April 2006 | Luke Fraser Samuel Pepys’s diaries chronicling London life in the 17th century—now on the internet—remain as fresh and engaging as ever

Spreading seeds of culture

21 April 2006 | Michele Gierck Determined to preserve old stories and encourage young voices, tribal elders in Western Australia took a bold publishing step.


Servant of silence

21 April 2006 | Andrew Hamilton

Theology dances awkwardly with silence. The natural business of theology is to put together words about God. But the better the words, the more clearly inadequate they are to their subject and the sooner they run out into silence. 


Vying for vaccine

21 April 2006 | Tim Thwaites What with tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, mudslides and bombings, we’ve been beaten around the head with more than a few hard lessons on the limits to human power in the past year. And it looks like we are about to get another one—bird flu.


Tchaikovsky in Hanoi

21 April 2006 | Brian Matthews Nha Hat Lon, as the Opera House is known locally, was, with its Napoleonic panache and grandeur, just the place for large gestures and significant announcements.

Figments of my imagination

21 April 2006 | Jennifer Compton Jennifer Compton on the creative life.

Searching for Borrisnoe

1 Comment
21 April 2006 | Peter Hamilton It’s a long way to Tipperary from New York, via Victoria, and once there it’s not so easy to trace your grandmother’s footsteps

At Parramatta

21 April 2006 | Kerry Leves Poem by Kerry Leves

The child as verb

21 April 2006 | Brian Doyle

Brian Doyle on miraculousness.


The art of discovering values

21 April 2006 | Freya Mathews

It is far better for children to learn tolerance than it is for them to have it imposed upon them.


Political lessons

21 April 2006 | Ian Slater Learning from foreign students


Before it goes to the tip

21 April 2006 | Michael McGirr

The National Museum of Australia in Canberra is both garage and op shop for the nation.


Palatable pleasures

21 April 2006 | Christine Salins An international food summit in Adelaide has resolved to fight the spread of ‘techno-food’

Around the world and back again

21 April 2006 | Matthew Lamb

Matthew Lamb on John Ralston Saul’s The Collapse of Globalism: And the Reinvention of the World.

No wannabes or posers

21 April 2006 | D.L. Lewis D. L. Lewis welcomes Robert Holden’s Crackpots, Rebels and Ratbags.

City of tarnished glories

21 April 2006 | Sarah Kanowski

Sarah Kanowski savours Orhan Pamuk’s Istanbul: Memories of a City.


A year spent observing

21 April 2006 | Brian McCoy Brian McCoy on Mary Ellen Jordan’s Balanda: My Year in Arnhem Land.

Quick reviews

21 April 2006 | Brooke Davis, Elizabeth Allen, Joel Townsend, Robert Hefner Reviews of the books Everyman’s Rules for Scientific Living; Invisible Yet Enduring Lilacs; The Weather Makers: The History and Future Impact of Climate Change; and Does my head look big in this?

Film reviews

21 April 2006 | Film reviewers

Reviews of the films Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire; The Brothers Grimm; Good Night, and Good Luck; and The Constant Gardener.

Trouble in the kitchen

21 April 2006 | Juliette Hughes Inspired by TV cooking programs, men are buying cookbooks that were never meant to leave the top of a coffee table - and then they make shopping lists that include squid ink and quinoa.


Remembering Etty

21 April 2006 | Kirsty Sangster

Kirsty Sangster recalls a Holocaust survivor.



Who is my neighbour?

21 April 2006 | Meaghan Paul

Meaghan Paul’s personal epiphany.



Letters to Eureka Street

21 April 2006 | David Dyer, Margaret Smith, Bill Ranken, Bill Versteegh, Joan Pearson and Philip Mendes

Letters to Eureka Street