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sean mcdonaghSean McDonagh is a Columban missionary priest who worked with the T’boli people in the Philippines in the 1970s. Originally from North Tipperary, he now resides at Dalgan Park, Navan, Co Meath in Ireland. In recent times he has been the central coordinator for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation for the Columban missionaries and also chairperson of Greenpeace, Ireland. Sean is the author of several books including: To care for the Earth (1986), Passion for the Earth (1995), The Greening of the Church (1990), Greening the Christian Millennium (1999) and Why are We Deaf to the Cry of the Earth? (2001) His most recent book is The Death of Life – The Horror of Extinction (2005).



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"seek and You shall find"

To Sean McDonagh:

Burt Rhutan's private rocket "Spaceship One" uses an environmentally friendly way to re-enter Earth's atmosphere. It doesn't charge straight at the air (And get very hot as NASA shuttle does). It negotiates its passage. It "talks" to the air; its complex tail structure allows the air to push it about; increasing the air-area per unit time. The air pushes it, and it pushes the air, but with room for lateral movement it is a "conversational" approach to re-entry.

This is a revolution in harmonising with nature by engineering. I have found many other ways to "naturalise" technology so as humans can stay "friends of the Earth".
alan mckay | 06 March 2007

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