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Peter Steele reads his poetry at Georgetown

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While spending four days interviewing Peter Steele in Peter's office at Georgetown University in Washington in 2009, I made audio recordings of Peter reading a selection of his poems. The MP3 files are available to listen or download below.

 Steele on the Metaphor of Dance

 Phantom Pleasures


 Mexican Night

 Kyrie Elieson

 In Memoriam Joseph Brodsky

 Horns of the Moon


 And At Your Back

Jim McDermott SJ is a former associate editor at America Magazine. He is currently studying screenwriting at the University of California in Los Angeles.

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Much as he delights in and gives full value to the sensuous, Peter never lets us forget we have a soul,and that this soul engages us in the deepest, most intimate level of being and creativity: the inner life of God, accessed through relationship with Christ. Thank you, Jim, for these splendid offerings.

John Kelly | 05 July 2012  

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