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Established in 1991, Eureka Street is one of the most respected independent publications in Australia. Our readers enjoy leading, balanced analysis of local, international politics and current affairs from an independent perspective. Eureka Street offers the ideal way for advertisers to share in Australia's number one magazine of ideas, comment and analysis.

Our articles have been republished by Online Opinion, The Big Issue, Crikey, The Age and Cathnews, among many other publications.

Each week Eureka Street features new illustrations from our award winning cartoonists Fiona Katauskas and Chris Johston.

Key characteristics* of Eureka Street readers:

• High spending power, and open to the online marketplace

• Politically aware, computer literate and well-educated

• Regularly consumes products related to literature, arts and entertainment

• Engaged in current debates on culture and society

• Interested in current theological questions


Our statistics show that every unique visitor visits the site twice a month on average, and reads approximately five pages every time they visit, ensuring frequent exposure to your advertisement. Our advertising manager will generate a report for you at the end of each month (on request), showing how many people saw your ad and how many clicked through.


Website Advertising

Unique visitors per month: 40,000+

Ad types:

 Panorama Banner — W 980 x H 120px — $1250 per month

 MRec — W 300 x H 250px — $800 per month

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Newsletter Advertising

14,000+ subscribers on Daily

10,000+ on Weekly

 Leaderboard — W 468 x H 60px — $350

(All ads run on weekly newsletters and rotate on daily. Prices quoted exc. gst)




Advertising enquires: Jon Hammond
Email: advertise@eurekastreet.com.au
Address: PO Box 553, Richmond VIC 3121