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Please read these guidelines carefully prior to submitting. If you do not follow these guidelines you won't receive a response from us.

Eureka Street accepts unsolicited submissions of up to 800 words. Please review these guidelines carefully and submit your article using the form below. (If you are making a poetry submission, please refer to the guidelines on poetry below.)

Articles should provide humane, ethical analysis or commentary on politics, religion, popular culture or current events in Australia or the world. The scope of topics offered by Eureka Street is broad but the way we approach each is driven by a consideration of human dignity. Whatever the topic, our overarching approach is nuanced, fair, and discerning. We’re trying to engage with ideas by looking deeply at possibilities underneath each issue and to open up pathways to a productive and respectful conversation.

Payment for freelancers is $200 per article, paid for exclusive first publication rights (see PAYMENT section below) upon publication and invoice. We will also pay $200 for first publication rights of short fiction and 'creative non-fiction' up to 1000 words.

Please note that for international payments, any bank charges incurred by Jescom will be deducted from the writer’s payment.

Prior to making your submission, please read Eureka Street and familiarise yourself with the kinds of topics and styles that appeal to us. We receive many submissions that demonstrate no sense of what Eureka Street typically publishes. Given the overall volume of submissions we receive, such pieces are very unlikely to be accepted and may not be responded to. 

We like to receive submissions with: 

1. as little formatting as possible (no images, indents or double spacing) 
2. single spacing after full stops
3. 'single' quotation marks
4. per cent, not % or percent
5. relevant links embedded

The editor has final say on all submissions. While we strive to respond to every submission that follows the submission guidelines, we are unfortunately not able to give individualised feedback.

Send pitches to editor [at] eurekastreet.com.au.



Eureka Street also accepts unsolicited POETRY submissions, which should be emailed directly to poetry@eurekastreet.com.au. Published poets receive a share of $50 allocated for poetry each week. Please note we receive a large volume of poetry and our poetry editor works very limited hours, and so a response is likely to take some months. Simultaneous submissions are okay for poetry only, on the proviso that you advise us immediately if a poem is to be withdrawn.



Please send your invoice to us within three months of the date of publication of your article. If we do not receive an invoice within three months of publication, we will treat your article as a gift/donation.

If you have an ABN:

Submit a Tax Invoice, clearly stating your ABN and bank details. If you are registered for GST, clearly state amount of GST included in the price.

If you do not have an ABN:

Check to see if you are eligible to complete a ‘Statement by a Supplier Form’ on the Australian Taxation website or click here.

If you are eligible to complete a Statement by a Supplier Form, the form must be submitted with your invoice (unless we have a valid form on file). Please check with the Editor if you are unsure.

You can download a copy of the form from the Australian Taxation Office website or click here. 

If you are do not have an ABN and are not eligible to complete a ‘Statement by a Supplier Form’ we are required to withhold tax at the rate specified by the Australian Taxation Office.