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Benjamin Oh on being Catholic, Asian and gay


'Throughout this process I don't know how many times I've broken down crying, together with my partner.' ChatterSquare catches up with Benjamin Oh as the marriage law postal survey in Australia closes.

Ben is co-chair of Equal Voices, a national LGBTI-affirming ecumenical organisation. In this episode, he talks about what it is like to be gay, Catholic and Asian-Australian. What are the things that have helped him deal with homophobia? How does his faith sit with his sexuality? What does he think about the institutional language around gays and lesbians, given strong Catholic support for same-sex marriage compared to other Christian churches?

Ben also talks about the ways in which his Chinese Malaysian family has embraced his partner, and grounds for hope.

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Fatima MeashamFatima Measham is a Eureka Street consulting editor. She co-hosts the ChatterSquare podcast, tweets as @foomeister and blogs on Medium.

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