In the Dreams of Whales & The Muses


In the Dreams of Whales

Grant Fraser

In the dreams of whales we are the sons of Ishmael,
Fleet of limb,
Sheened with droplets of water, droplets of air,
Crammed with kindnesses.
In the dreams of whales
We are the half-heard song
That makes harmonies of storms,
The gentle line that joins eyelids into sleep.
On the lips of anger
We are the syllables of assent,
In fallen hearts
The rising wind.
In solitude, we are the watchers-by,
In war, the word named peace.
In the dreams of whales
We are the sons,
We are the sons of Ishmael.

To listen to this poem being read by the author, click here.

The Muses

L. K. Holt

Man spills oil O Petriana.
O Al Qurain, upon the meniscus it goes,

ten-thousand feet of Jesus.
It sways at the current’s suggestion, blindly

the teleologies of the tide.
It beaches itself O Sygna. O Era it holds

feather to feather to skin,
locking out the ingredient for flight.

The tarry birds on white sand,
they are simplified, as holes, an inverted

starry night O Kirki.
O Laura D’Amato, the mangrove’s fingers

are useless now. A seal pup’s
flippers stick to its sides, a sink-stone O Nella Dan.

O Sylvan Arrow, fish rest
under the slick’s shadow, an oasis of reference

in the blankness of sea,
like death in the blankness of time.

But O Esso Gippsland,
the blackness is worse.

To listen to this poem being read by the author, click here



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Existing comments

Great to hear the poets reading their own work. be3autful.

Jeremey | 14 June 2007  

Such beautiful poems- lovely visual images, and lovely on the tongue. Thankyou.

Gwynith Young | 18 June 2007  

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