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2008 up and rolling


Roll of the DiceEureka Street joins other online publications in beginning the new year with a fresh roll of the dice.

We are adopting what is known in the business as a 'rolling' format. That means we are publishing two articles each weekday instead of around 16 every second Thursday.

The other change is that all the articles are unlocked. Paid subscriptions are being phased out. We trust you will continue to support Eureka Street fundraising activities and events, as well as our advertisers.

We will continue to produce a fortnightly PDF edition, for libraries and those who like to print the fortnight's articles and recreate the 'magazine' experience.

A daily email newsletter will alert you to what we have published. We hope you will accept this, as this is the best way for us to alert you to our articles that interpret current news events while the events are still news. However we will send an alternative weekly email newsletter to those who do not want a daily email.

We are not alone in moving to a free access and rolling format. Online publications big and small have been doing so in recent months. Last week, Rupert Murdoch dumped the Wall Street Journal's paid access model. Also last week, New Matilda relaunched its website and confirmed its decision to go free and daily.

New Matilda is a sister publication of Eureka Street, in that it is small, Australian, and occupies a niche that intersects with our own. Another sister publication was launched last Friday. It is Thinking Faith, the online journal of the British Jesuits.

The appearance of Thinking Faith at this stage illustrates how members of the community of small publications work together and learn from each other's experiences. Thinking Faith launched nearly two years after Eureka Street online, and it knows to move immediately to free access and daily publication.

While the British Jesuits are new to online publication, they preceded us with their print incarnation, which lasted from 1864 until 2001, and appeared under the banner of The Month. The print version of Eureka Street (1991-2006) no doubt learned from the experience of The Month.

Michael MullinsMichael Mullins is editor of Eureka Street.



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Existing comments

This is a great idea about the daily publication as I never get through an entire issue when it comes in one hit. I think the drip feed method will help a lot. Happy new year.

Michael McGirr | 21 January 2008  

Very happy with your 2008 plans. Blessings, Trish

Patricia Taylor | 21 January 2008  

It is estimated that WSJ is going to have to increase traffic 12x's to break even on giving up aid subscriptions. The only reason people are giving up on those is that no-one has figured out how to provide a compelling offer to the consumers. Why are people giving up rather than thinking of alternatives?

arthur | 21 January 2008  

A good idea. Is it possible to make transcripts of long articles which take time to read and are difficult to absorb from looking at the screen over a prolonged period? Thank you, Mary

Mary O'Sullivan osu. | 21 January 2008  

good news, I look forward to the new format. I really missed Online Catholics when it closed and I have been enjoying many of the Eureka St articles. Good luck with the new format.

annette milross | 21 January 2008  

Congratulations. I like your move to this rolling format. Every day I read online material from the Guardian, New York Times, BBC, ABC and Melbourne's Age. I live in Perth and thanks to time zones I can read what for me is "tomorrow's Age" before I go to bed today.

People like me, somewhat retired, have time to browse which means that news and comment and even deep reflection are practically instantaneous.

So it is good for me to hear from you promptly.

Thank you for your reference to Thinking Faith. I have already downloaded an article by Gerard Hughes. Naturally I am biassed in favour of someone called Gerard. But, as a long term teacher of ethics and an ongoing member of university committees which deal with ethics of human and animal research, I rate him highly.

I notice that Thinking Faith has an article by Dan Madigan. Of course there should be a close relationship between Thinking Faith and Eureka Street. Please keep strengthening it.

Gerry Costigan | 21 January 2008  

Happy New Year! What a great idea. I look forward to the "drip-feed" and agree that it should be totally digestible.

Raymond Lamerand | 21 January 2008  

Great idea. My computer always struggled with the download, and I always felt a little indigested with the full edition. 'Sufficient for one day at a time.'

Brian Monro | 21 January 2008  

Daily emails with 2 articles each day is a brilliant idea. Thanks. Also love the sensible cricket article today.

Arlene Macdonald | 21 January 2008  

Great idea - best wishes indeed for your continuing venturing.

John Bunyan | 21 January 2008  

Great to know Eureka Street will be part of my daily soul food. Thanks.

Hector Welgampola | 22 January 2008  

Thank you. What a good idea! Like others who have commented, I seem never able to read more than two or thee articles on any one day, ie read and absorb. Blessings on this new format and all involved.

Maryrose Dennehy | 22 January 2008  

Great progress and I trust that it will work for all concerned.

Alan Holroyd | 28 January 2008  

Great idea. Thanks.

Judith Dynan | 02 February 2008  

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