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Acting on Faith-Based Conscience in a Pluralist Democracy

This is the full text of the speech that Frank Brennan SJ delivered at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne on 29 July 2006. To download it as a PDF, click here.

The full audio of the speech is avalable for download as an MP3 file. To download, click here.

The full audio of the speech is avalable as an Real Media streaming file. To listen, click here,



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What’s wrong with Voting for Jesus?

  • Scott Stephens
  • 26 February 2007

I must confess to growing bored very quickly when I hear that our real problem today is the erosion of spirituality, of belief in a deeper dimension of life, and the consequent rampant materialism. From a properly Christian perspective, the problem today is not materialism, but religion itself.


Muslim at the heart of an Indonesian Christian office

  • Greg Soetomo
  • 26 February 2007

When I reflect on this conversation, I am also struck by how different what I see in daily life is from what I read and watch in the media about about Muslim militants, the clash between Christians and Muslims, fundamentalism, or terrorism. Every age has its own false ideas. In our time, it is the notion that identifies Islam with hostility and aggression.