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Adult child

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Selected poems



Adult Child


Perhaps we were too directive

as we tried to guide while staying connected

with one so young, distracted.

Yet there was response.


Rules relaxed to laughter

as through best and worst we mucked

together; skills and knowledge grew

living side by side.


Some keep in close contact

but for others their bond holds from distance.

Mostly we meet in times of sadness or joy.




 Fishing Port


Behind reefs and bomboras

off Warden Head, the breakwater shelters

Ulladulla fishing port and harbour.

Solid co-op boats show licences and bonding names

of Mediterranean women and English legends

like Angelica and Fisher King. Single coloured boats

wear fishing cranes and hold storage for catches.

Charter vessels are brightly coloured

mainly blue and white and bristle with rods. 

A small fast boat is towed to the wharf on a trailer

while the rescue craft waits at the concrete topped inner wharf

behind the wooden jetty and stone breakwater.

Together they enclose smooth water where gulls and cormorants

wait for scraps from fishers.


A woman wearing a weather coat and woollen beanie

leaves a boat and offers us flathead.

A short stocky workman prepares for the next trip.

Sky and sea are calm today but not always

so the fleet is blessed once each year.

This port has bonded families for generations.




Paul Williamson is an Australian poet. He has published poems in Australia, UK, US, Canada and Japan. His has seven collections including  Edge of Southern Bright (Ginninderra Press, 2017) and A Hint of Eden (Ginninderra Press, 2021).  He contributed to and participated in the release of the Canberra/Nara Twin City tanka poetry volume in Nara, Japan in late 2018.

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Whether it’s Warden Head or Southampton, blessing of the fleet is a tradition we keep close to our hearts. Sailing on Sunday. Thanks Paul and Eureka Street.

Pam | 15 September 2023