An echo of silence



Selected poems



& now


& now

the Earth


has pulled

back, enough



rolled up


its sleeves

backed itself


against itself

to hold off


what it is

we most fear







Here is this

an echo of silence


as we lay the years

to rest & memory


is some rash intrusion

but, it is not


it is bold

as arms around a world


would show our being

& then some


a child in swaddling

cloths, a swaying palm


a bigger story

this fire 



  summer of cousins


Melbourne in summer

& the weather is grand & blazing

proof that global warming is real


At my age I allow myself

to be surprised


At the NGV

they have commodified art

Haring & Basquiat

a wall paper of sky

& a minimalist pop up shop

all the contradictions of commerce


Through Coburg in the long ago

I hitched towards Sydney

falafels now good enough

to cause an Arab Spring


Along bitumen skinny legs

made to measure jeans

no fittings in the last fifteen minutes

before closing

& this in a city of sewing machines


At Readings I get Molly

Yellow Notebook Diaries Volume One

she lives around the corner


& a toast of drinks at the Clyde

for David

where we had his wake

dead now, maybe eight years


A morning show of bicycles

& runners who stop for Coronas

from an esky in the shade of Rushall Station


Along Drummond

the park softens

the Housing Commission flats


A double espresso at Tiamo’s

with two lots of Saturday papers

from the seven eleven

I pass Helen Garner

& tell her how good Yellow Notebook is

& how she saved my life

one Writers’ Week luncheon in ’78

when she was the first to sit down

the shade of some overheated winery


I was too wasted to stand

when Judith Rodriguez

backed the gong for Water Life

for the Festival Awards


A long dog’s walk through the university

the gracious landscape of lattice Parkville

renovations on the high street

& fish head laksa in North Melbourne


Wide boulevards

antiques & a surviving book shop

the city edge of Royal Park

where the dogs run free

& we sleep a little in this sun of fine weather


Sacred Heart Church

is closed for Sunday Mass

the alternative is jump for Jesus at St Jude’s

Anglicanism on 26 January

in my cooked one lovely

kangaroo tail t-shirt

from a mob of print makers in the Alice


I can talk about cousins forever



Rory Harris currently tutors at Playford College, a small R-9 school in Adelaide’s northern suburbs. His most recent collection, beach (2016)

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Wonderful by Rory who may be interested to know that there is a corona: the outermost layers of the Sun's atmosphere; corona: an extension of the corolla (petals) of a flower, such as the central trumpet of a daffodil; Corona Australis and Corona Borealis.
Pam | 31 March 2020

Les Wicks | 03 April 2020


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