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Another slow Saturday morning


Selected poems



(Musing upon possible interchange between math and poetry)


Mathematics —- Haiku

A co-joined matrix of real?

Both sharp performers!


See what might be there

Imaginative dance twins

Long delving what is


Rigorous action!

Strong Deductive disciplines!

Subset of each other?


Establish grounding

Conjectures the possible

Patterning the whole!


Delving what is here

Numbers and Words together

Spring-boarding the NEW!






There continues

right NOW

to be

an iconic presencing

to a slow —- light-bright

Saturday Morning



with locally-crafted



Knife licked

with a subtle delight

Such a delicate art this!


Halved grapefruit

Bartered with


for chillie paste

Always served

with crinkled edges


There is

plenty of both to share


Can include

some Beetroot relish

And Ginger Kombucha

as well!


Hmmm —-

Better warm up

the Coffee —- AGAIN!

Coffee with HONEY

(of course)


Gotta mate

coming for lunch

Plenty of stuff

hanging around

Glad it’s not ‘till 1ish

always “ish” —- or “about”



John CranmerJohn Cranmer lives in Boronia on the outer edge of Melbourne. He is as a Uniting Church Minister (somewhat retired) and, in collaboration with Denham Grierson, has recently produced a collection of poems, Walking on Bones.

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