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Asylum seeker karaoke

  • 20 August 2013

Fly me to Nauru

Fly me to Nauru and leave me dangle in the sunthough I fled from misery my pain has just begun.In other words: treat me mean.In other words: treat me cruelly.History repeats, you Aussies did the same to Jews.Running from the Nazis, with their pleas for help refused.In other words: go away.In other words: you can't stay.

Manus Island's hot, there's no protection for the weak.Though you think you're kind, it's true asylum that I seek.In other words: you don't count.In other words: try New Guinea.What's the point of difference between the church and state?Why do Salvos validate a policy of hate?In other words: contracts bind.In other words: we are blind.

With apologies to Bart Howard


Fled the sword

People get ready, there's a boat a-comin'it took desperation just to get on board.Cause the world-weary passengers areleaving slaughter. They couldn't get visas.They fled the sword.

People get ready there's a boat that's sinkingIt's keeping on keeping on, from day to day.How will we treat those poor asylum seekers?Can we afford to leave them in dismay?

Time to decide ... they come on the tide.Can we retrieve our souls?

There ain't no room for the hopeless sinner,who would hurt refugees for the bottom line.Have pity on those who tread on their neighbourthere's no hiding place when you fail to shine.

people get ready people get on boardpeople get ready people get ready people get ready people get on board

People get ready, there's a boat a-comin'it took desperation just to get on board.You will need a heart, you hear that diesel hummin'?They don't have a visa, they fled the sword.People get ready there's a boat that's sinkingYou turn it around, it may not reach shore.If you close your eyes, pretend you can't hear cryin',you just might be able — to hide ... hide from your soul.

With apologies to Curtis Mayfield

Thin edge of reason

How to meet the needs of refugees ... all those pesky people drowning in our seas?We could trivialise their plight, unless they arrive by flight;yes let's blame them to put our minds at ease.

If they need a refuge that's bad luck,'cause Australians won't acknowledge that they're stuckin a world of hate and pain, we will treat them the sameif not worse, depending on how they came.

I'm at the thin edge of reason shunningfolks on their knees in desperation at the welcome that they find.Keep your woes to yourself and avoid that coral shelfmaybe out of sight