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Bad day pose


What is the difference between a square and a rectangle?
I have no spatial knowledge. I get confused.
I can't describe. Difference. Why bother trying.

Adieu to Burn Out

My dearest bed
I would like to apologise for weighing you down
I've been too much lately haven't I?

Suffocating you with my dreams
Keeping you awake with my snoring
Bullying you with my tosses and turns
Overstaying my welcome in your well mannered heaven

I've let you down by not looking after you
By not making you up
By pretending to be your closest intimate buddy
But leaving you for dead
Every time my other friend
The fridge entices me with her sensuous delights

I can understand it if you no longer want me near you

I agree we should just be friends and see each other only occasionally

Night times are best for both of us. Don't you think?

Adieu mon amie
Until the moon floats through the air


A ring magically encircles my finger
A necklace swings gracefully like a dancer
Earrings dangle around my crazy head
An anklet delightfully enchains me
A chain is extra special when it has a cross
Bracelets run rings around me
Nose rings? Don't these people pick their noses?

Bank Accounts


Ever diminishing
Not growing
Impossible to save
Never enough money


Breaking my brain
Breaking my back with their bad balance
Breaking my heart not being able to buy things
Breaking me up into small change

Driving people away

Life as a vacuum
Just watch me in my ivory tower
I hated the litter of us
There were too many skies to climb
Your eyes stay still as my hair sways
The stereo blasting, lights switched on
Drowns the small clicks of her feet

Celebrity status

Red the color of danger
The way to go
Look delicious
Looking at me
I feel paranoid
Practically naked
Gawking and staring
I just want to relax
The camera notices
Turn cameras off on bad days
Blowouts from night before
Life in the public eye is hard
I just want to hide under the waves
And drag my body along
Beached Whale


1. I watch him listening to me
Head to one side
Eyes searching
Ears pinned back
His shoulders ready to steady me

2. See how he cares for me
Deeply as the sea

3. He understands me like a book he'll
Never have to read

Isabella FelsIsabella Fels is a Melbourne writer who has suffered from schizophrenia for over 10 years. She featured with her family on ABC TV's Australian Story in 2002.


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Existing comments

I enjoyed most of the poetry - especially the one about the bed. I could understand most of the poems. I had trouble with conventional poetry at school. My language aptitude is limited.

Gunter | 21 October 2008  

These are wonderful poems!

Teresa | 22 October 2008  

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