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Before your interment

  • 22 July 2019


Selected poems



for Brother Gerald Faulkner cfc


Here is the reach

of your voice


past naming

where sky


meets ocean

& further still


where you imagined

the unimaginable


on your lips your song

for the new world's harmony





To the life

of your tribe


to the breath

of your planet


in the raising

upheld arms


of a childhood

surrender drawn


into the very heart

beat of ourselves


a son, a daughter

a parent's hand


the rise & fall

as old skin stretches


as grasslands

would change colour





Dawn beach sand squeak

shuffling diamonds to an edge


across town new houses

find space between big trees





Before your interment took place

I left the memorial & at home


dug deep into the garden

stacking bricks to retain


what was left of the beds

to hold back the fall of earth & keep


what was planted growing

later spacing out cuttings of geranium


& the root stock of mother in law tongue

in the dampness the season gave


of purpose, labour, grief & time




& the tears

have been swept


to the side

of the road


a child's leaf

boat sails


& maybe

that is enough


turning nouns

into verbs



Rory Harris's most recent collection is Beach. He is currently on long service leave for a year after many years in the classroom.