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Black is the new black

  • 08 October 2014

Black. It is my all time favourite colour. You can never go wrong with it. It is the coolest colour out. Moreover I don’t stand out, and this I like. I can be safe, secretive and surreptitious along with the rest of the crowd which moves along slowly like a trail of ants also dressed in black. It is as if we have all sprung up from underground and have come alive. How we like to come together all in a mass all in black – a long black procession to a distant funeral.

However wearing black is definitely not our funeral. We can radiate and celebrate in black. There is no disputing the fact that black is trendy, not to mention tactile. It can make men drool as I watch the pools of their eyes deepen as I am dressed in skin tight black clothes almost like sexy Michelle Pfeiffer in Catwoman. I simply couldn’t get away with it in any other colour. I do find black to be a general people magnet not just for the boys and my little black book only. People seem to gravitate towards me. It is as though we have something powerful in common. I feel people won’t talk badly about me behind my back dressed in black. I also feel I wouldn’t leave other women green with envy particularly in a streaming long white wedding dress.

Black. Even just for myself I love to get dressed up in black. I often feel like a perfect ten wearing black. It covers up all my bad features. Indeed the majority of my clothes are black. I have at least fifteen black skirts and dresses, a dozen or so black tops and mountains of opaque black tights not to mention countless smart black socks, shoes and boots so I can hide away yet play on a miserable grey day and never ever go against the tide.

How I love to glide along the street dressed top to bottom in black still searching for more black items. Some shops mainly sell black clothes. How I love seeing black clothes from back to back all on the racks. As I buy a stack of them I feel on track again. How I love black’s elegance yet starkness.

Black, it often suits my mood particularly in my long black hooded coat and suit so I can pander to the hard corporate world