Boys' Own Interventure


Fiona Katauskas' cartoon Boys' Own Intervention with the PM reading from Boys' Own Adventure bookshelf rather than a shelf labelled Lessons of History



Fiona Katauskas Fiona Katauskas' work has also appeared in ABC's The DrumNew Matilda, The Sydney Morning HeraldThe AgeThe AustralianThe Financial Review and Scribe's Best Australian political cartoon anthologies.

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This is a pathetic comment on a complex situation where the lives of millions are threatened by forces of unparalleled barbarity. Abbott and Shorten both recognize the need to do what they can to bring some relief to innocents who would otherwise be raped, enslaved and butchered.

John Ryan | 02 September 2014 to hold the book the right way up.

Pam | 02 September 2014  

Where's Bill Shorten's book Ms Katauskas? He agrees with Abbott on this. Does the "Lessons of history" section have anything on the following. Nazis, Hitler, holocaust, appeasement? Perhaps Bill and Tony could find something useful there in dealing with ISIS. Their "us" and "them" strategy seems somewhat more developed than Abbott's. And it is plain to see from your earlier cartoons on Abbott how you deplore people who demonize the other.

Helen Pearson | 03 September 2014  

Really? Do you think he is reading? If he does, does he undersatnd, retain and able to reflect on the value of the information? Sadly, he's just looking at the pictures! Another wasted years for Australians. When the next election again?

Jan | 03 September 2014  

John Ryan, Where was Abbott when Gaza needed relief?

Julie Wilson | 03 September 2014  

Julie Wilson, you can argue the rights and wrongs of the situation in Gaza as you like. However, I defy you to say that the situation with ISIS is the equivalent. I do not see the Israelis going into Gaza and forcing all of the Gazans to convert to Judaism. I do not see the Israelis carrying out mass executions of Christians, Muslims, Yazidis. I have not heard of the Israelis taking captive women as sex-slaves. The Israelis are not seeking to expand their territory over the entire Middle-East to institute some Jewish version of the caliphate, in which the word of the supreme caliph is law. Some people here hate Abbott so much that they have no apprehension of the pure evil that both the government and the opposition are trying to alleviate with their small contribution. What do you want, Julie Wilson? Just leave ISIS free and unchecked to do as they want? Should we just leave their victims to their fate?

John Ryan | 03 September 2014  

John Ryan: How is arming recognised terrorists ever worked to advantage in the long run? How does cutting billions from our aid budget contrast with this new humanitarian imperative> Why is an iraqi life more important than one in the DRC, Sri Lanka, Syria or sth sudan - or the 19000 children who die every day from poverty? Yet where is the intervention to save these lives from barbarity and depravity? Violence begets violence is the lesson we learn from history. This rush to war fills me with dread and the fact there is no 'end game' or thought of how and when we may extricate ourselves from this diabolical situation, is simply walking the path to disaster that we have tread so many time times before. My prayers are for ALL the people who suffer and endure 'evil' or as better defined, the structures which keep people from accessing their fundamental rights as human beings

jon thomas | 03 September 2014  

The cartoon is not just about ISIS but about Australian Military advises in the Ukraine and the "boys own" language that goes with it making bellicose comments on many other matters. The approach seems to be "Is this a private war or may Australia join in".

David Goss | 05 September 2014  

Well said Jon Thomas. The humanitarianism we are being sold as justification is selective at best.

David Garratt | 05 September 2014  

Jon Thomas: You say that it is “structures” that keep people from accessing their fundamental rights as human beings. I find this a very dangerous statement. It can easily lead one to think that human beings do not act of their own free will. It may allow one to judge that the cutthroats of ISIS are not individual moral agents. They are but unwitting victims of the unjust structures that surrounded them during their formative years. Fix the structures and there will be no more evil. This is nonsense. The plain fact is that there are evil people in this world. They delight in inflicting unimaginable cruelty on others. They have no empathy for their fellow humans. Your prayers won’t stop the likes of ISIS or Boko Haram. They will only be stopped by superior military force. Yes, we may be dealing with other unsavoury types, but I prefer this to do nothing. As for other areas where we have not intervened, we cannot help all afflicted by barbarity, but this does not mean we should not do what we can in this instance. In closing, I ask you directly, notwithstanding reservations, would you leave ISIS free to continue and thus its victims to their fate?

John Ryan | 05 September 2014  


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