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Check for symptoms of internalised misogyny

  • 25 July 2019


The fight for equality is an external, social, economic and political battlefield. Sometimes the fight is in our own heads, and we can internalise some of that misogyny. In between tearing each other down, putting dinner on and exercising some self-loathing while we're at it, how can one find the time to identify all of the ways a person can internalise the patriarchy? To save you some time, here's a list of the types of women who maintain inequality.

Ophelia the Woke: Ophelia considers herself a champion for women's rights. And she'll tell you that for her, feminism is a verb. She's read The Second Sex and The Beauty Myth. Germaine Greer is her idol. For her, every day is a chance to call for equal opportunity and sisterhood. But her belief in women's liberation and gender equality is selective. Transgender women, non-binary folk and sex workers are excluded from her resolve to create a better world for women. According to Ophelia, all women deserve equality, but some deserve it more than others. 

Kathy the Red Pill: Kathy's woken up and discovered that feminism is the real problem. Those pesky feminists assume that all women are victims living in the Big Bad World Of The Big Bad Patriarchy™. And Kathy's not weak! She will admit that there's some bad stuff that happens to women, but that doesn't dampen Kathy's resolve to fight for men's rights and create a better world for men. In her opinion, female genital mutilation is a very bad thing, domestic violence is terrible and workplace sexual harassment is pretty lousy, if you think about it. But female only gyms? Now that's genuinely problematic.

Amanda the Dude: Amanda has some reservations about people working together to dismantle toxic masculinity. What about toxic femininity? There's no backstabbing or bitching with men. I actually prefer to be friends with guys. Men are just less dramatic. Pete and Davo might not be bitches, per se, but that's probably because they weren't conditioned into using manipulation, cattiness and emotional violence to suppress their enemies. Even after watching Pete play video games and witnessing Davo's mourning periods after his footy team loses, Amanda considers her male friends less dramatic than her female ones.

Serena the Cat: Serena's got better things to do with her life than be concerned about sexual harassment in the public and/or the workplace. Stop being so sensitive. There's nothing wrong with some