Chelsea Manning at Guangzhou Airport

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Selected poems



To consider Chelsea Manning at Guangzhou Airport

1. Scoping

word docs surprise in the departure lounge

under foreign infomercials: the unrecognisable


pixels you are — fonts align

solvent cultures

from cabin to smoking alcove

the hour rebranded, air smartened, no biography necessary

is Triskelion not a drug?


diasporic maintenance /

movement the music of ideology,

try on breath:

beginnings, nothings, dwelling

on Chelsea's weak chin

& the edge on the air


2. Crescendo

doubt Europe's crowded skies

until further information


tepid rapport suggests itself

among those watching screens

from low places,

a sit-in

in the name of a face / here

it is the idea of Him that inspires

no more


the actuality of Her

and me

growing dimmer

as the distorted glow of

a new morning's haze

illuminates factories in the distance

as if deleted scenes




Lunar gardening

intense dimensions pose

alluvial conundra

with the fence line

spawned in late '05


prune on a waning moon

it is the quarter

for root crops


under moons elsewhere

internal seed bearing fruit


retard growth

because of the decking

spawned in late '05


winter dormancy — a relief of sorts

but soon a visit to the lady on the fire trail

for moisture advice


barren ground weaned

in constellations

for a plausible harvest


and tendrils infused

with orbits



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Thanks Chelsea

hilary | 16 May 2018  

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