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Concern for Jennifer Aniston

  • 23 September 2014

Jennifer’s Mars Glow   Buying coffee               thirtieth birthday                         running late   newspaper reads      Jennifer Aniston is     reportedly spending $20,000       a month on beauty     treatments, including $400       for neck cream, which is     apparently made from       crystals from Mars.   Next, the Herald covers her age   her profession and her interests       chemical peels and     laser treatments.   This is the end of the news article.   The girl in front of me cradles her latte as she nudges and tugs   a carbon-fibre-framed stroller and purrs with concern   for Jennifer.   — Alice Allan

  life in the petrie dish   golden staph — along with every living thing on the planet (religious zealots aside) wants to keep living   it’s why we originally farmed blue mould — to protect the species we haughtily believe most important. these microscopic resistance fighters attack catheters & operation wounds infest intravenous lines — fly through sterile   air — fan-forced by supersonic sneezes & are particularly fond of the most intimate act of humanity — contact.   can you blame nature for kicking back — beefing up her e. coli stocks — new t.b. strains hitting the gym — ebola 2.0 no doubt already beta testing   now the bugs are becoming stronger than our last-line drugs — heated debates over carbon & climate change may soon be redundant   — Gareth Roi Jones   Dare   Dare we mention the dark and dreadful sordid   trite   Dare we explore caverns where life-wrack danger    detritus complicate a sunny-seeming view   Daring is courage fear          Dare we explore — Lerys Byrnes

Alice Allan is a Melbourne writer and editor whose work has been published in journals such as Rabbit, Going Down Swinging and Offset.





Gareth Roi Jones is a member of the dandylion collective, a pixel-connected writing group based in Adelaide.





Lerys Byrnes is a Melbourne based poet who has wide experience in Adult Education as teacher and learner.