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David James

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David James headshotDavid James has been a financial journalist for 28 years. He was a senior writer and columnist at BRW for 25 years, a senior journalist at AAA Banking magazine, an editor and writer for stockbroker JB Were & Sons and a journalist at The Melbourne Herald. He is author of Managing for the Twenty First Century and The Business Devil’s Dictionary. He has a PhD from Monash University: Illusions of Time in Shakespeare's Plays. He now works as a freelance journalist and editor.

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David James: In 1997 you published an article on innovation I wrote in the BRW. I thought about this recently and reread it. Odd but it could published today without losing anything. I ended up publishing 250 articles on innovation, mostly overseas. I find the quality of writing here is quite weak. There seems to be a lack of deep knowledge from which to create insights. I often find errors as people have not read the original work (such as, Applied Imagination 1953 to truly understand brainstorming). If you are ever looking for a depth piece on the shallowness of innovation or similar themes, let me know.

Ed Bernacki | 15 March 2016  

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