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Dodging dogma ninjas

  • 25 September 2012


Ol' Eve was said to fall for that lil' apple(original thought 'n' action disturb, baffle),fellatin' passive Adam by the lap pool;'gals are Serpent's ruin', a sin falafel.We're strugglin' through the mythos of our partieswe're losin' gospel truths that never rang true.If life prompts metaphysical pilatesthen faith is surely meant to stretch, extend you.

Among the patriarchs and vengeful judgesNoah, Abe, 'Zac, Mo, Dan, Josh, Joe, etc.,left-handed Ehud fibs and feints and fudges,his blade sev'rin' fat ol' king Eglon's viscera.We're tip tap toe-in' through the tattered scriptureswhere harlots and assassins dance lambadas.Where lit'ralist fundos train their dogma ninjas,secure in intellectual Masadas.

Post-Messianic construction, epic dustbins,we soon lose sight of Yeshua the rabbi.Pourin' out his spirit into faded wineskins,we water down his message. Drown his God's eye.We're strugglin' hard to reclaim ethic's solace.We wave off drowning refugees as tragic.The golden rule's ground down by deficit molars.We abuse the weak: a perverse, punishin' magic.

Lacking rational mystics (heads, hearts and voices)working here and now, sans divination,we cann'balise our venal little choices, in arapidfire, stained glass defenestration.We're bringin' roosters home; crow red denial.We're salivatin' over mammon's menu.We're hangin' round, bowls blurtin' in betrayal.Golgotha's altruism's final venue.

We're strugglin' through the human aspiration.Divinity comes down to partial vision.If life's a gift, then judgment's a donationand faith's a glass of water; home's a mission.We're sloggin' through the mud that leads to glory,The Christchild refugee's across our shoulders.The monkey wrench we hobble on is gorywith congealed beliefs; agape's ember smoulders.

–Barry Gittins


Thrifty Psalms

O LORDI'm shiveringIsn't this enough?I have seen a hundredLittle JobsAnd taken noneTo heart

O LORDI want to go straightThe straightest, thinnest pathYou can give meDo I take it as a challengeOr in joy?

O LORDWhatIsA'PersonalLandscape'How can I not have one?

O LORDWhy can't we both be lickedBy Devil or by Lamb?

O LORDWhy have youDivided the nations?And the rent isThe same pay forEach glassy house?We will learn toUnderstand inequalityBut where does this leave usTo live?

O LORDThe sand is full of imperfectionsOf particles, of textureWhere can we stand so that we can leanUpon your love?

O LORDTortured by throbbingGuiltAnd for thisI thank you

O LORDLet me functionWith One and All

O LORDBorn and lostIn a dayWon't offend you

O LORDDestroy the part of meThat wants her to