Dreams, storms and boyhood



Family question


A family of

four: an ex secret, a doll to share


new moons with, a sky-blue diary and a door

— nobody does the sign

of the cross during sex; a braid


of moonlight and

shadow directs your head to a pillow, and next


to your window hangs a raindrop ready to touch

your heart; even a rat cannot feast


on a field of vows; can i go outside of this life,

you ask





The dream that wanders

with a vapour, kitchen to waiting

room to vroom

— love is when you drink a sour orange and


still call it orange. dinner doesn't hurt lent


that dream that lathers

in black and white waters, making


a road for relation ships

— no flower says goodbye to


a butterfly nor a moonwear. love cannot be paraphrased





Boyhood is a long wagon

heading always to a rain forest — dresses mean characters


with a play of blues


you can walk through the valley

of shadows of love


of spiders

breaking a night into two moans



After the thunderstorm


After the thunderstorm, she went out into the night cold and cried: come, come star, star, touch my eyes and give my dark pond light.


that night the lightning didn't stop until she said: thank you


David Ishaya OsuDavid Ishaya Osu is a Nigerian poet. His poems have appeared in: Atlas Poetica: A Journal of World Tanka, Birmingham Arts Journal, Tipton Poetry Journal, Watershed Review, The Missing Slate and elsewhere. David is a board member of the Babishai Niwe Poetry Foundation, and he is currently polishing his debut poetry book.

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Existing comments

Can i go outside of this life The perfect line. Thank you David Ishaya Osu
Jenny Esots | 29 September 2015

Thunderstorm made me cry... thank you. I love your poetry so much.
Erica | 02 October 2015

loved these poems
Anne | 02 October 2015

All 3 poems are wonderful. But 'After the Thunderstom' 'killed' me. Thank you David for your art. I am enjoying our friendship on Facebook!
olatoun williams | 22 April 2016

Osu! Indeed. Thunderstorm it is. God bless your hustle.
uncle jude | 22 April 2016


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