loitering in 'wanna' land,
like the spider with
too much caffeine,
web crazed, one leg for walking,
seven for addiction

tomorrow, 6 am, airport.
will 4000k be enough?
leaving me to walls, web,
sticky sweetness of anticipation

in water now
but wet never,
shallows of linger,
skulling sky,
flirting with a daytime moon

then the first sip
(which, curiously, sits nearly twice
inside disappointment)
and the cube comes good.
birds feed, flutter,
a skink, urgent over limestone,
vertical, holding
as I am not

because there will be no finishing,
pickets pinking in this
bushfire of dreams

and then I start thinking
of absence,
satin backs of ravens,
rendered brickwork,
an easterly, always an easterly
shirring leaves and desires



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