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Editors' Picks: Best of the Decade

  • 20 December 2019


Our team of editors have dug through the past ten years' worth of articles to nominate their favourite pieces published between the start of 2010 and today. Check out our list and then jump into the comments to tell us what are your picks of the decade and why.


Melbourne punks are at the forefront of protest — Celeste Liddle

"What drew me to them were their storytelling and their often political messages about toxic masculinity, racism, anti-fascism and so forth. They backed these ethics up with action."

Tim Kroenert, Editor, Eureka Street: When Celeste — Arrernte woman, trade unionist and social commentator par excellence — joined us as a columnist, she and we were keen that her contributions not be limited to hot takes on race issues, but would allow her space to explore her diverse interests and passions. As a great fan of live music, I connected strongly with this piece navigating the punk scene in my home city of Melbourne circa 2018. The article received a nod in 2019 from the Australasian Religious Press Association at their annual awards.



The worst may already have happened — Fatima Measham

"Having to accept the damage of what we said or did will never be the worst thing. But it can be the start of better things: a chance to learn and expand, to build rather than destroy."

Neve Mahoney, Assistant Editor, Eureka Street: When I began reading Eureka Street, I fell in love with Fatima's writing. I continue to be awed at the consistent quality of her work. This article exemplifies to me the best qualities of her writing: an incisive, firm but gentle approach that cuts straight to the core of an issue that so often divides us.



A cheerfulness of nuns — Brian Doyle

"The children wore those notes with such pride. They would stand up straight and stick their bony chests out, and they would finger the note reverently like it was Holy Scripture."

Michael McVeigh, Senior Editor, Jesuit Communications Australia: Brian Doyle was a valued writer at Eureka Street for a long time, and his articles were often the best thing I'd read all week. This one stuck in my memory because it’s a joy to read, and because it brings tears to my eyes at the end. It was a privilege to be able to share Brian’s stories with our readers before he passed away in 2017. May he rest in peace.



Dickens' song